Shure Unveils the New SM7dB Microphone: A Revolutionary Addition to the Iconic SM7 Family

In a remarkable development marking the 50th anniversary of its esteemed SM7 line, Shure has introduced the latest member of its iconic family, the SM7dB. Designed to cater to the burgeoning needs of podcasters, streamers, and vocalists, the SM7dB is not just a microphone; it’s a milestone in audio technology. This new XLR dynamic vocal microphone is engineered to deliver the legendary sound of the SM7B, enhanced with the innovative addition of a Shure-designed, built-in active preamp. This advancement simplifies the audio workflow by eliminating the necessity for inline amplification.

The SM7dB stands out as a beacon of innovation, providing creators and audio engineers with the rugged construction and legendary audio quality synonymous with the SM7B, now complemented by a phantom-powered, built-in preamp. This preamp, a Shure masterpiece, offers an additional +18 or +28 decibels (dB) of clean gain. It adeptly removes the requirement for a separate preamp, liberating users from the hiss and noise typically introduced by many audio interfaces when pushed to high levels for adequate gain.

Optimized for All Experience Levels
Tailor-made for users across the spectrum of experience, the SM7dB’s additional gain elevates the microphone’s sensitivity to an optimal level for standard audio interfaces.

This ensures that users have sufficient gain for crystal clear audio in recordings, broadcasts, or streams, irrespective of their audio interface. An ingenious “bypass” option allows users to switch back to the original SM7B performance for situations that do not demand additional gain.

Pristine Capture for Diverse Audio Needs
The SM7dB, inheriting the smooth and controlled sound of the SM7B, boasts a wide-range frequency response ideally suited for immaculate capture of singing, spoken word, podcasting, and even loud sound sources like drums and amplifiers.

Equipped with the same EQ controls as the SM7B, it allows users to fine-tune the bass roll-off and presence boost to best suit the sound source and recording environment.

Advanced Design for Unparalleled Clarity
As a dynamic microphone with a cardioid polar pattern, the SM7dB excels in rejecting off-axis audio, ensuring your voice stands out clearly, free from distractions. Its air suspension shock isolation technology and pop filter efficiently eliminate unwanted noises and breathiness. Moreover, its advanced electromagnetic shielding effectively counters hum from computer monitors and other audio equipment.

The introduction of the SM7dB means users can now access the superior audio quality of the Shure SM7 line without the need for a secondary inline preamp. This streamlines the setup required for professional-grade recordings, offering a more cost-effective solution.

Pricing and Availability
The SM7dB is available immediately in a sleek, black-on-black finish at select retailers like AV One, Connect IT, KrisShop, Swee Lee, Swiftware, and Treoo.

The microphone is priced at S$799, inclusive of GST, poised to become a game-changer in the world of audio recording and broadcasting.