My First Music Experience with SHURE SE215

The Shure SE215 is the epitome of a reliable yet affordable Sound Isolating Earphones (SIE). Albeit the ongoing trend of wireless earphones, the SE215 still puts up a good fight against its competitors with its strong sound isolation and sound quality. Priced reasonably at only S$169, the SE215 sure packs a punch at this price point which makes it a bang for your buck.

I’ve been using the SE215 for the past week and I must say It’s amazing for me! The SE215 has been my daily driver for listening to music, playing video games and watching movies and it truly never fails to disappoint! Just from its appearance, the transparent purple SIE feels solid and well-built. It comes with three silicone and three memory foam pairs of ear tips to suit individuals of different needs. The ear tips are meant to be squished before inserting into your ear, which gives it a snug feel.

I’ve been wearing them for 5 hours daily and at no instance did I feel any discomfort despite the long wearing hours. It has been extremely comfortable for me and the SE215 excels in comfort!

The SE215 connects to my PC via a 3.5mm audio jack (analog connection) which ensures I get the best audio quality. It boasts an amazing bass and an extremely balanced mid-range when I listened to pop songs like Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift. I noticed how the instrumentals and sounds kick in together at well-balanced tones which brings out the song vividly.

I’ve also been binge-watching the new season of Black Mirror and Netflix and there are only good things to mention about the SE215. Black Mirror It provides an immersive and realistic experience for viewers and it does not disappoint! The crisp sound quality the earphone provides allows me to hear everything clearly, giving me a whole new experience in watching movies. As an avid gamer, the SE215 is a must-try for my favourite game – Valorant.

With noise cancellation kicking in, it dramatises the in-game sound effects to a whole new level which makes me feel tremendously immersed in the game.

However, the SE215 is not customizable and lacks in-line controls as compared to other gaming headphones. The short cable length is also a point to consider when choosing it as your gaming peripheral. Despite the shortfalls, I feel that at the affordable price range and quality the SE215 provides, it is a worthy purchase to improve your audial experience!

The SHURE SE215 is available at all authorized retailers and AV ONE.