Back to School with the LG Gram 17!

Now that summer is officially over and school is back in full swing, come with me and witness how the LG Gram 17 has integrated and made itself an indispensable part of my life. If you have yet to check out how I spent summer with this handy device, read here before you dive into our LG Gram 17 school edition article!

LG Gram 17

As a university student, laptops are our livelihood. All the golden nuggets of knowledge are in there. Gone are the days when paper and pen dominated education. Now, students bring to class their tech devices – iPads, Macbooks, tablets – and learn from them. I am no exception. After using the LG Gram 17, I can never really go back to using laptops that are smaller and heavier. I discovered some qualities that I really loved about this handy laptop that makes it the perfect pick for university students which I’ll share with you below. It truly is an all-in-one laptop.

The Lightest 17-Inch Ever

With everything being downsized now, you are probably wondering why this 17-inch beast would even be in your list of laptops to consider. The reason why people choose smaller laptops is because of convenience and weight. Smaller laptops have their pros and cons. Sometimes, despite the supposed convenience, I tend to get rather annoyed at the small screen – Words are tiny and I have to keep scrolling down pages of text… It is as if LG read my mind when they came out with this laptop! I wanted a bigger screen paired with the same portability as a smaller laptop and this 17 inch device has all of that.

The size of the screen makes going through readings, taking notes, and planning my week or day so much easier. I can see more content on one page and I don’t have to scroll as much to refer to previous work. When planning my schedule, I get to have a clear view of my plans at one glance. In addition, it is so portable – It is the world’s lightest 17-inch laptop! At 1.34kg, this impressive laptop is lighter than many 11, 13 and 15-inch laptops on the market.

Zhimin and friends with the LG Gram 17

A Daily Kind of Laptop

Another feature that I loved about this laptop is the battery life. A good battery life is so important for students – We all know the hassle of not being able to find a vacant power-point when we need it. With the LG gram 17, I don’t actually need to bring my charger out. It runs for a good 9ish hours, which lasts me through the whole day at school. One charge is all it needs for the entire day. The different ports that the laptop provides also make it more convenient for its users. Fiddly adapters begone! 

While the inertia to go back to school was rather high (my summer break was too well spent…), the LG gram 17 is really an amazing tool to have. It made my transition back to school a lot easier. Having this laptop really upped my productivity so far and I hope for you to have the same kind of productivity as me! All the best to all, may AY19/20 be a good one for you!