Synology Launches WRX560 and RT6600ax: Next-Generation Wi-Fi 6 Routers for Modern Smart Homes with Major SRM Update

Synology launches WRX560: Wi-Fi 6 router for the modern smart home

Synology has introduced the WRX560, a powerful Wi-Fi 6 router designed to deliver fast and secure internet connectivity for modern smart homes. With the intuitive Synology Router Manager (SRM) operating system and robust hardware, the WRX560 is equipped to handle various home networking challenges. It offers fast Wi-Fi speeds, thanks to Wi-Fi 6 technology, with a combined throughput of up to 3,000 Mbps, ensuring buffer-free streaming and quick downloads. The router features a quad-core 1.4 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM, allowing it to support up to 150 connected devices simultaneously. It also includes a configurable 2.5GbE WAN/LAN port for high-performance devices and compatibility with the 5.9 GHz spectrum for interference-free connections.

The WRX560 supports seamless connectivity throughout the entire home. It can be integrated into a mesh configuration with other Synology routers, providing consistent high-speed coverage under a single Wi-Fi name. Users with existing Synology routers can use the WRX560 as an additional Wi-Fi point. The router also prioritizes family-friendly experiences with comprehensive parental controls and internet filtering capabilities through the Safe Access package. Parents can set internet use quotas, restrict access during specific hours, and implement web filtering to block inappropriate content and explicit search results. Safe Access also offers insights into children’s online activities.

Synology Router Manager (SRM) provides advanced networking features, including VPN server hosting, fine-grained bandwidth control, and VLAN network segmentation. The VPN Plus feature allows secure connections to internal networks, IPsec tunnelling between multiple locations and remote desktop functionality. Traffic management tools give users precise control over their network traffic, with detailed application and device traffic information and the ability to apply traffic shaping and quality of service policies. VLAN network segmentation allows the creation of isolated networks for IoT devices, enhancing security.

For convenient management, the DS router mobile app offers various features such as router setup, traffic monitoring, parental controls, guest network creation, and network management.

WRX560 is available for purchase in Singapore starting today. MSRP: SGD 399.

Synology launches RT6600ax Wi-Fi 6 router and releases major update for SRM operating system

Synology has launched the RT6600ax router, designed to provide fast and secure connectivity for households and offices. The router is Wi-Fi 6-certified and features improved data encoding, beamforming, and signal isolation for reliable Wi-Fi. It also includes a 2.5GbE port for high-speed internet connections and supports the 5.9 GHz spectrum for faster wireless throughput.

The router is powered by Synology Router Manager (SRM) 1.3, which offers enhanced network management capabilities and security features. SRM 1.3 allows users to create separate networks, configure firewall rules and provides tools for web filtering, traffic control, and remote access. The accompanying DS router mobile app allows for convenient network management on the go.

RT6600ax is available for purchase in Singapore starting today. MSRP: SGD 499.