World’s First MB&F Lab Opens in Singapore

MB&F and The Hour Glass announced the opening of the first MB&F Lab in the world at the iconic Raffles Hotel in Singapore. This is the first iteration of the new MB&F Lab concept and marks an exciting new chapter for MB&F and The Hour Glass.

The Balthazar clock, a MB&F x L’Epée 1839 Co-Creation at the new MB&F Lab. Credit: The Hour Glass

This boutique is located on the ground floor of the Raffles Hotel Arcade and presents a new hybrid retail experience, similar to the M.A.D.Gallery, in a more intimate setting.

The MB&F Lab in Singapore follows the recently revamped architectural identity of the M.A.D.Galleries. Its clean, crisp, gallery-like interiors in white provide the perfect canvas for the new design direction. Focal in the boutique is a giant reflective lens in blue, bespoke domed glass display cases for watches, accompanied by custom-made mid-century-inspired tables and matching furniture.

The MB&F Lab in Singapore follows the recently revamped architectural identity of the M.A.D. Galleries with crisp, white interiors and a giant reflective lens in blue as a focal point for the boutique. Credit: The Hour Glass

In collaboration with Swiss-based agency Voltige Design & Architecture, MB&F has redefined the interior design and architectural identity for its M.A.D.Galleries and the new MB&F Lab spaces. These will showcase MB&F Machines with a curated selection of kinetic art pieces, in more intimate spaces than a full-fledged M.A.D.Gallery.

Distinct to this new architectural identity is a new bespoke visual marker: a giant blue reflective lens that is the focal point of the space. Evocative and eye-catching against the white background, the lens plays with the geometric rules of reflections.

The gallery-like space of the new MB&F Lab provides the perfect backdrop for kinetic artworks and MB&F’s creations, such as this “World Skies” by BREAKFAST and MB&F x L’Epée 1839 Co-creations Medusa, Grant, and Octopod (left to right).Credit: The Hour Glass

The relationship between Max Büsser and The Hour Glass dates back well before Max Büsser founded his own company in 2005. The Hour Glass is proud to be a partner of MB&F since the very beginning. The opening of the first MB&F Lab in Singapore marks a new milestone in this long-term partnership.