Review: Wanderlusting in Turkey with Canon EOS M50 Mark II

In this day and age, travelling is not just about visiting a foreign place to immerse in their cultures but capturing memories of experiences so that we can rekindle them when we return back. 

If there was ever a destination that lent itself to being seen from all angles, Turkey will be the place. From their most popular natural wonder, Cappadocia with fairy-like chimneys to their iconic Turkish mosque, every location is insta-worthy. What’s a better way to bring these memories back, other than capturing them with Canon EOS M50 Mark II?

Travelling with Canon EOS M50 Mark II in Turkey was a breeze. It is lightweight (350g without lens) and compact enough to sling or fit into my bag for travel and outdoor usage. It doesn’t feel that heavy, especially for me, since I like to put it around my neck. 

Explored the beautiful valley of Turkey and found myself wandering into the hidden love valley of Cappadocia with my Burgundy ride. With an approximately 24.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, the EOS M50 Mark II captures fine details and life-like colours better than the typical smartphone. It helps to bring my favourite memories to life in 4K video resolution on the EOS M50 Mark II. It captures the small details of my clothes and brings the colours to life in my video below.

During my tour, my family and I visited the horse farm at the outskirts of Cappadocia. I was able to use the EOS M50 Mark II camera to place more emphasis on fleeting moments by capturing them in slow motion. The camera can record high frame rate movies in HD up to 120p. With the built-in Wi-Fi, it allows me to transfer images automatically and conveniently from the EOS M50 Mark II to me smart devices even while on the go. This will allow me to post these beautiful memories on my social, anywhere and anytime. 

Visited Pammukale, also known as “Cotton Castle”. It is made up of magical and unique terraces & castles created by deposits of white limestone from thermal springs. The EOS M50 Mark II allows me to record vertical videos with ease, so my videos are fully optimised for vertical viewing on social media platforms and smartphones! 


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Had a fulfilling trip, with beautiful wanderlust memories preserved with the EOS M50 Mark II that allows me to capture the beautiful photos in areas that has poor lighting with less noise than my regular smartphone. On top of that Canon’s unique colour science renders skin tones in pleasing natural colours. This helps to bring the colours of my photos to life. Well, I’m glad to have this travel essential with me, can’t wait for my next adventure!