Switch onto Pro with Black Shark 4 Pro 

The Black Shark 4 Pro is the latest gaming phone in the market, and as an avid mobile phone gamer, I was beyond delighted to be able to review it. With its E4 AMOLED display from Samsung for its gorgeous yet power-saving display, I was in for a treat. Check out my unboxing video below! 

In terms of performance, the Black Shark 4 Pro tops the game. In the world of mobile gaming, Black Shark’s magnetic pop-up mechanical triggers set the gold standard. The magnetic pop-up triggers are lifted with a slight flick of the side-mounted buttons, as seen from the unboxing video too! I customised my right trigger to shoot, and my left trigger to aim.

They work SO WELL together and my team has not lost a match since starting to game with this phone. All credits go to their innovative magnet-lift technology, ultra-responsive shoulder triggers that appear like magic with a gentle press for precise, customisable control in competitive games. 

Arguably, one of the most important features of the gaming phone is also its battery life. The Black Shark 4 Pro charges 50% in under 5 minutes and 100% in under 15 minutes, which are extremely fast. The Black Shark 4 Pro has a super-capacity of 4500mAh battery with ultra-fast 120W hypercharge. There was one night where I played the whole night outside with my friends, and by the end of the session, everyone was surprised I still had a considerable amount of battery left to call a cab home safely. 

With superior audio performance, I was always immersed in my game. It actually brought me to another realm of reality. It is no wonder Black Shark 4 Pro’s audio ranks at the No. 1 in DXO audio ranking. Its stereo speakers and high-power amplifiers never fail to hype my friends and me up.

Even while communicating with my friends in-game, my voice was clear with its 3 microphones with noise cancellation, and I find this especially useful when I play games on the train on the way home. No more annoying background noises!

With a 144Hz Refresh Rate with 720Hz Touch Sampling Rate, it was a beast at handling high-performance games. I experienced zero lag times, and both the screens and magnetic triggers were ultra-responsive. A touch sampling rate of up to 720Hz gives Black Shark the industry’s lowest touch delay of just 8.3ms.

It is the world’s first to carry out the dual press-sensitive display technology, and they call it Magic Press. This high-pressure-sensitivity display makes it easy to get precise movements for even the most competitive games. Additionally, they use Qualcomm’s top processor, the Qualcomm SnapdragonTM 888 5G

Although the phone does heat up during intense gaming sessions, I was pleasantly surprised at its cooling system. They use a patented ‘sandwich’ liquid cooling system to dissipate heat, so I don’t have to be too concerned about the phone overheating. Not forgetting its camera, the Black Shark 4 Pro has a triple camera setup and a sophisticated computing camera software optimisation.

It features powerful features like 60 FPS photography, 4K high-definition images, super night scene, and electronic image stabilisation (EIS) which is a great addition.

Overall, I love both its aesthetics as well as functionality. The concept of a gaming phone is novel, and I wish more people would pick it up. With the RGB lighting effects, it creates better gaming vibes, and it can even show its charging status! The phone comes in 3 colourways: Shadow Black, Misty Grey, and Cosmos Black.

For more information, you can visit Black Shark 4 Pro’s Facebook or Instagram page.