Functional and Stylish, G-SHOCK’s Red Out Series Takes Training To The Next Level

Burning with excitement, I tested out Casio’s latest additions to its G-SHOCK G-SQUAD lineup of innovative fitness watches in its Red Out Series which instantly caught my eye. GBA-900 and GBD-200, two of the brand’s most popular fitness models, are now available in a beautiful red colourway sports edition, with technical features to take training to the next level. I love the bold pop of red that draws attention to my wrists, and I can style it in both sporty and casual wear! 

The new GBD-200RD-4 (Left), GBA-900RD-4A (Right) are created with the same extreme toughness as other G-SHOCK models, as well as the tools to provide users with customisable technology to support a range of workouts. In addition, both models boast a built-in accelerometer, which can automatically record daily movements when paired with the G-SHOCK MOVE app. I seamlessly connected the watch to my phone using Bluetooth, which allows me to track my step count, calories, and distance.

The G-SHOCK MOVE app really pushed my limits when training, and let me share with you why. It is mainly because it allows me to set goals for myself that are represented visually. A step counter, a graphical representation of workout intensity, and an achievement graph that indicates progress toward specific goals are all included. I even customised running plans and added ‘medals’ where I could earn them if I hit my targets for the week! This motivated me a lot more as I could tangibly see my goals and work towards them one step at a time. 

Weighing 61g, the GBA-900RD-4A has a classic G-SHOCK design and a wide LCD display that allows me to see the multi-functional analog-digital display more clearly. What’s really special is that it has a hand shift feature, where the hands of the clock move out of the way to provide an unobstructed view of the digital display. 

A horizontal workout intensity bar graph at the top of the dial shows me how much more exercise I need to hit my goals for the day. For intense training, it is also shock-resistant and 20 bar water-resistant (strong enough to withstand water pressures with a depth of 200 metres). Wearing the watch for the whole day felt comfortable, and the band did not get sticky from all the sweat. 

With a slimmer look, the GBD-200RD-4 features the original G-SHOCK’s square design. The band is also developed to provide enhanced comfort, moisture control and ensure an accurate fit while on the move. 

The GBD-200 watch face has an added training function where distance, speed, pace, and other calculated values based on accelerometer can be displayed, along with training display customisation. Additionally, it is also shock-resistant, 20 bar water-resistant, and lightweight at 58g. It can also record training data of up to 100 runs, or up to 140 lap times per run. 

Both GBA-900 and GBD-200 also come equipped with 2-year battery life (I love that I don’t have to remind myself to charge it every night), LED lights, a full auto-calendar, World Time (GBD-200), and Dual Time (GBA-900). As much function as style, this G-SQUAD watch delivers all you need for the ultimate workout. It is always nice to see more watches designed to integrate with our smartphones. 

The GBA-900RD-4A and GBD-200RD-4 retail for S$189 and S$229 respectively, at all G-SHOCK stores and on, where more information on these 2 models can be found.