Zoel Lim Tries Virtual Lipstick with the Fredology Allure

Zoel Lim with Fredology Allure“My first thought on the Fredology Allure smart mirror is that this is very useful because, for example, I always do my makeup in my bedroom and it’s quite dark as I don’t really have a big window. So I do like fact that there’s lights on this mirror, and you can set it to different light tones, very helpful to see what makeup I put on. I mean, in my dark bedroom I might accidently put on too much blush, and not notice until I was walking around in bright sunlight! So this will definitely help. I’m actually not very good with make-up and I usually get my sis to help me. With this mirror you can actually watch a YouTube video and put on your make-up at the same time – so I tried watching a make-up tutorial on YouTube and learning is a lot easier! Like when I watched how to apply eye shadow for a certain look and I could just follow along, instead of trying to remember where the eye shadow was placed. 

The screen is very easy to see even with the mirror surface, and control and just like an Android tablet, so I had no difficulty swiping and tapping. I did check out the apps that were ‘very relatable’ to women like the menstrual cycle app. The Sephora Virtual Artist app was also great – it lets you change your look with AR, so like when I put on red lipstick and then wonder if pink would be better with my outfit today – instead of removing the red lipstick and applying pink, I just use the app to change
the colour!” – @zoellim

Fredology Allure

Fredology Allure

Local tech company Fredology may have struck gold with the Allure, which isn’t just a makeup mirror with a built-in light. Nope, it’s actually a 10.1-inch Android tablet with 16GB of ROM. You can not only use it to check your makeup as a normal mirror, you can also use the front facing camera to take selfies or try out Sephora’s Virtual Artist App to try out virtual makeup like our NXT Angel Zoel did. As an Android OS device you can stream not only videos but also your tunes, or read the local news while touching up your blush.