Razer Pay and V-Key Announce Strategic Partnership to Boost Digital Security

Razer Pay signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with V-Key, a Singapore-based digital security firm, to foster strategic collaboration over digital identity and e-payments.

Pay with Peace of Mind

Under the agreement, V-Key will look into providing leading technology to support and facilitate the highest standards of authentication and security for Razer Pay, and across the entire Razer ecosystem.

This includes deploying V-Key’s app-to-app user authentication and authorisation mechanisms that enable secure transactions for Razer Pay’s rapidly scaling user base.

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Razer Pay will leverage on V-Key’s expertise across ASEAN-wide government-, banking- and gateway-level applications to develop and apply safeguards to the Razer Pay application, thereby protecting Razer Pay’s million-strong network of merchant acceptance points in ASEAN.

V-Key and Razer will also work to strengthen authentication and security processes for the global Razer ecosystem. For example, Razer may integrate V-Key’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology secured by V-Key’s V-OS Smart Token technology, across all of its platforms including PC, web, and mobile applications.