EXCLUSIVE: Why Huawei Gave Out Powerbanks to iPhone Fans

Apple officially launched the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Apple Watch Series 4 on Friday morning, and while the excitement was brewing in the snaking queues outside the Apple Store, the good folks at Huawei made an impact with their random act of kindness.

Three members from Huawei joined the 300-plus crowd along Orchard and gave out over 200 10,000mAh powerbanks to people who were waiting in line to buy the latest iPhones (see video at the end of the article).

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huawei powerbank exclusive

Knowing Huawei’s competitive nature in the mobile phones business, the act appeared like a marketing effort to outdo their rivals, but it was later revealed to be otherwise.

“[We wanted] to offer some friendly respite from the hours of waiting in bad weather,” a Huawei representative said in an exclusive statement.

“We all know how essential our phones are to us and we just wanted to give these people a charge of positivity to get through the night.”

People who received the powerbank looked pleased with the freebie, and some even rushed over to meet the Huawei staff to make sure they didn’t miss out.

huawei powerbank exclusive

Despite putting in the effort to help patrons of a competitor, Huawei reaffirmed that its fans and customers come first, ahead of any corporate agenda, which could possibly mean that they don’t expect Apple to return the favor later this year when they drop their latest device in stores.

And with so many brand collaborations happening around the world, one can only dream about an alliance between Apple and Huawei. To that fantasy, Huawei said: “If this exercise had any impact, it would be on the consumers rather than the brands.”

“We were there to offer relief and give them a boost to get through the long night of waiting in line. We hope to have accomplished that.”

In the mean time a “higher intelligence” awaits as we approach Huawei’s big announcement in London come October 16.