Bang & Olufsen Launches the Beosound Edge, a Home Speaker that Works Magic

Bang & Olufsen recently presented a new powerful wireless speaker for homes that will make you reimagine the way you think of sound – the Beosound Edge.

Circular Sound

The circular shape of the Beosound Edge allows for two placement options: On the floor as a centrepiece, amplifying and blending in with the colours of the furniture standing next to it, or placed on the wall as a gravity defying piece that divides spaces in the home.

Beosound Edge mounted on wall

Proximity sensors detect when you get close to the speaker, discreetly illuminating the aluminium touch interface. Adjusting the sound is a magical experience: you gently roll the Beosound Edge forwards and backwards to increase and decrease the volume. Roll if softly to change the volume moderately, and using a stronger touch will change it more dramatically. Let go, and it gently rolls back to its original position.

Debuting the World’s First Active Bass Port

Drawing on acoustical technologies from Bang & Olufsen’s advanced BeoLab portfolio, the Beosound Edge is surprisingly powerful despite its compact footprint. To deliver impressive bass capabilities, the Bang & Olufsen acoustic engineers have put in a huge 10” woofer bass driver on one side, which has an innovatively slim design and long excursion, while both sides of the speaker enjoy a dedicated 4” midrange and a ¾” tweeter.

Top of Beosound Edge

To deliver powerful sound experience at a high volume, the Beosound Edge debuts an acoustical technology named the Active Bass Port. The Active Bass Port unites two classical concepts of loudspeaker design – a “closed-box” design and a “ported” design. It resembles that a car’s spoiler that automatically raises as the car speeds up. When playing at lower volumes, it uses the closed cabinet principle for the most accurate sound reproduction, and as you turn up the volume the Active Bass Port opens to give out more energized bass, keeping the sound clear.

Designed by Distillation

Bang & Olufsen has always used aluminium in its designs, making it almost synonymous with the brand. Bang & Olufsen has built the physical touch interface into the aluminium frame by lasering microscopic holes invisible to the eye just allowing light to shine through.

Beosound Edge placed on floor

To contrast the polished aluminium body, the Beosound Edge comes with a matt black fabric cover, easily exchangeable as Bang & Olufsen will introduce new on-trend fabric colours over time.

Directional Sound Control: You Decide the Direction of Radiation

The Beosound Edge comes with 360-degree room filling sound from both sides of the speaker, and the new Directional Sound Control allows you to define the direction that the sound radiates towards, creating two acoustic fronts. This ensures that a room can be divided into an active listening area and a more passive listening area. Controlling the directional sound is controlled through the Bang & Olufsen app.

Beosound Edge controls

Pricing and Availability

The recommended retail price for Beosound Edge is $5,200.

Beosound Edge will be available at Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt, Bang & Olufsen Takashimaya, Bang & Olufsen TANGS, and selected leading independent retailers.