Unlimited Data for Only $3 with Circles.Life

Circles.Life, Singapore’s fourth mobile operator, announced a series of Unlimited plans today. We all love unlimited stuff when it comes to our phone, be it for calls, Whatsapp messages, or data to stream YouTube videos with. Who doesn’t want to binge watch funny videos on a slow day at work? That’s why the Circles.Life unlimited data plan is so exciting. Let’s take a look at the details.

Unlimited Data on Demand

Circles.Life $3 Unlimited Data PlanFirst off, you can get unlimited data for only $3 a day, on demand. “On demand” is the keyword here, giving you a lot of flexibility in choosing when you need the extra data. Maybe you just want to cuddle and Netflix today, or maybe you’ll need to tether your phone to your laptop to do a whole bunch of work outside. Grab some unlimited data for $3 and off you go. You’re not locked into any contracts or anything and you don’t have to pay some exorbitant sum every month for excess data that you’ll never need.

Whatsapp Passport

Is the first thing you do when you arrive at a foreign country to look for a SIM card stand? It’s a pain-in-the-butt to purchase a foreign SIM card and swap stuff around, and using roaming data is too expensive. Circles.Life now has an add-on that allows unlimited roaming for WhatsApp. Starting from just $1 per day, you’ll get unlimited data usage for WhatsApp messaging while roaming with partner networks in over 18 countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, USA, India and the UK.

Unlimited Outgoing Calls

Woman going "Yes!"All Circles.Life basic plans currently come with 100 free minutes of talktime. Now, you have a new option of getting unlimited local outgoing calls by adding $16 per month. Added to the base plan of $28 and the $2 per month free incoming calls value added service, this creates an option for you to get 6 GB of data and unlimited incoming and outgoing calls for only $46 per month. Especially useful for people who have to make a lot of business deals all day over the phone, or just someone who is attached to an extremely talkative and clingy significant other.

Sounds good right? Find out more on Circles.Life’s website and unlock some serious power on your mobile phone.