Starhub debuts world exclusive Linksys EA8100 Max-Stream MU-MIMO Router

Starhub and Linksys has announced the launch of the Linksys EA8100-AH Max-Stream AC2600 MU-MIMO Gigabit WiFi Router for Starhub customers in Singapore, with customers who sign up for or renewing their StarHub 1gbps Fibre Home Broadband and HomeHub Plus plans from 7th July 2018 will receive the Linksys EA8100 at no additional cost. (usual price: S$349)

Linksys EA8100

The Linksys EA8100 is a new broadband router that will only be available to StarHub customers and is designed to deal with the complicated, congested WiFi environment encountered in Singapore where many high-rise apartments and flats have multiple WiFi routers. By using Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) to triple the number of channels available, the EA8100 ensures that data dependant tasks, such as streaming 4K content to a smart TV, have fast and smooth connectivity.

“Linksys understands that the typical Singaporean household today has anywhere between 10 – 30 devices operating simultaneously – this puts a strain on the home network to constantly deliver ultra-fast speeds. This problem is compounded by interference and “airspace” congestion from different routers operating in HDBs or high-rise condominiums,” said Jenny Ng, Vice President for APAC, Linksys. “With the EA8100, Linksys and StarHub are fully determined to address real-world WiFi needs and help consumers fully enjoy their broadband connections.”

“The wireless router, though seemingly nondescript, is a vital component that can make or break the WiFi experience for end-users. Continuing our collaboration with Linksys, we are delighted to be the first in the world to carry its latest AC2600 WiFi router for customers to enjoy ultra-fast performance across their home devices. Customers can also rest easy knowing that the Linksys router offers automatic firmware updates to keep security and performance features up-to-date,” said Mr Justin Ang, Head of Product, StarHub.

Back of EA8100

Technical Specifications

Dual-Band AC2600 Two independent, dedicated WiFi bands that deliver combined speeds of up to 800 Mbps (for 2.4 GHz) + 1733 Mbps (for 5.0 GHz)
DFS Certified This certification nearly triples the number of channels available at 80MHz
Processor 880MHz Dual-Core MIPS1004kc
Memory 128MB Flash, 256MB DDR
Antenna Four high-performance antennas and powerful amplifiers deliver the best coverage and range
Beamforming Technology Focuses WiFi signal to each device on your network