Get Healthy With The Value-For-Money Cornell 25L Food Steamer

If you’re trying to move towards a healthy diet, you may or may not have read lots of recipes that involve steaming food. It makes sense! After all, steaming is one of the healthiest ways to get your nutrition, especially from vegetables. But steaming can be rather troublesome if you don’t already have a steamer. That’s where the Cornell 25L Food Steamer comes in.

All The Flavour And Nutrition You Need

Cornell 25L Food Steamer

Research has shown that steaming food helps to preserve the natural nutrients that vegetables contain. If you hate vegetables but really are trying your best to eat healthy, you’ll want to eat as little vegetables as possible, right? With steamed vegetables, you’ll get all the nutrition from the vegetables, so you can eat less!

Okay, that’s not really how it works, but nonetheless, it’s true that steamed vegetables are a great way to get nutrients.

Similarly, when it comes to ingredients such as prawn, fish, or chicken, steaming retains all the juice and natural flavours. This means you don’t have to add as much salt, sugar, or seasoning to make it taste delicious! Instead, turn to simple herbs and spices to enliven the flavour. No more MSG or over-salted fish, just natural wholesome goodness.

Convenient Steaming

The Cornell 25L Food Steamer comes with a capacity of 25L, just like it says on the package. It features a 60-minute timer, so you can leave it running while you prepare other food, or do some chores. This saves you time and makes life much easier!

It comes with a water window and side water refiller, making things easy for you when you need to refill the water in it.

Cornell 25L Food Steamer with pot of soup inside

The steamer also comes with three layers of stackable trays, two of which come with detachable tray base. This makes the Cornell 25L Food Steamer versatile enough to handle any kind of steaming you can think of. Whether it’s steaming three separate dishes, or one big pot of rice or soup, this steamer’s got you covered.

Pricing And Availability

The Cornell 25L Food Steamer is priced at $118 (usual price $188) and available at major electronic stores and authorised dealers.