In Stifled, They Can Hear You Scream

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If you’re a fan of horror games, you’ve probably came across the Stifled game in its demo or promotional form before. Now, you can experience the full horror for yourself with the official release of the game on the PS4!

Home-grown Horror

For those not in the know, Stifled is a multi-award winning VR horror game, where the sounds you make are the only way you see, but also the only way the enemies see you. Tread carefully as you experience a Virtual Reality horror game with a unique twist.

Stifled screenshot

Step into the shoes of David Ridley, a man whose mind is slowly fracturing under the weight of a heartbreaking experience that turns the world around him darker and darker.

In the game, you generate sound waves using items you find, as well as your own voice. Or in some cases, your own screams! The sound waves reveal the world around you, but at the same time reveal you to the grotesque and horrifying creatures lurking out there in the darkness.

Stifled was developed by Singapore-based Gattai Games, with the backing of Games@PIXEL Studios. Games@PIXEL Studios is an initiative by Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority in conjunction with Nanyang Polytechnic.

Since 2008, Sony Interactive Entertainment Systems (SIES) has collaborated with NYP in providing PlayStation development kits to NYP’s game development courses. They have also provided the same to Games@PIXEL tenants working on PlayStation titles.

Hidetoshi Takigawa, Southeast Asia Regional Head of SIES, said: “On behalf of SIES, we are excited on the global release of Stifled on PS4 which shows the result of our support towards game development in Singapore and how SIES could bring a locally made independent game to global audience. Gattai Games has done a great job in developing a game that fully utilizes PlayStation 4 and PS VR hardware technologies, especially in integrating with their innovative echolocation game mechanic.”


Stifled is currently available for digital download at a suggested retail price of SGD$26.90. The game is available in English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Thai. You can enjoy the game in either normal mode or with PlayStation VR.