Review: Jabra’s Elite 7 Active Works Out Pretty Well

I had an excellent review experience with Jarba’s Elite 7 Pro a couple of issues back, and thought I’d might now share that sentiment when I received the Elite 7 Active – its a sports orientated pair of wireless earbuds, and the NXT Editor is not really ‘sporty’, and I don’t wear earbuds when cycling, only on my walks, and we no longer commute to work.

Having said that, I actually found myself using theses earbuds for hours everyday – thanks to my town council deciding that the month between Christmas and Lunar New Year is the ideal time to replace the car park next to my block, so I’ve had to work on this entire issue of NXT while an excavator was breaking concrete outside my window – not a conducive experience. 

So that’s how I ended up wearing these small earbuds for hours each day, not just for exercise or walks down to the shops, but to actually keep my sanity, and they’ve been excellent. With ANC I can hardly hear that excavator (I can feel the vibrations through the building), while its passive design also ensures that it sits snugly for passive noise isolation. Audio is good, though it doesn’t support higher resolution codecs such as APT X. With the size reduction in Jabra’s current generation of earbuds, the Elite 7 Active are small and more discrete, and while wearing them out and about, you can simply tap on the left earbud to active HearThrough, which not only lets you hear environmental noise, but you can use Jabra’s Sound+ App to adjust the level to amplify sound, so that you can hear the aunty at the cash register better. 

The two big differences between the Elite 7 Pro and the Elite 7 Active (apart from price), is that the Active doesn’t have Jabra’s Multisensor voice, so it is not as clear during voice calls, and that it has a ShakeGrip exterior – the Elite 7 Active is coated with a liquid silicone rubber to keep it secure in your ear. This works very well, and with IP57 waterproof rating I’ve zero concerns wearing these earbuds while walking in the rain. 

Technical Specifications

  • Driver Size 6mm 
  • Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth 5.2
  • Bluetooth codecs SBC, AAC
  • Microphones 6
  • Waterproof Rating IP57
  • Battery Life 8 hours playback, up to 30 hours (with charging case) 
  • Weight 44g charging case, 5.5g each earbud
  • Dimension Case 40.3 x 25.3 x 69.6 mm

We say: 

An excellent pair of TWS for not just workouts, but also day-to-day wear, especially if you tend to spend a lot of time outside in inclement weather.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars