Vainglory 3.2 Now Live!

Vainglory fans, rejoice, because update 3.2 is now out! The latest update sees a new hero, as well as new skins and ability reworks for existing heroes.


The Halcyon Fold welcomes its newest hero, Malene.

Vainglory Malene introduction

Malene is a ranged spellcaster who shifts between light and shadow to dominate opponents. Her abilities include a unique one that lets her swap between two skill sets, and a level 1 Ultimate. Here’s the full list of her abilities and talents:


  • Masked Ball: Malene’s ultimate is available at level 1, and allows her to switch between Light Form and Shadow Form. Additionally, her basic attacks deal crystal damage. For a short duration after witching forms, Malene’s next basic attack is empowered.
  • Light Ribbons (Light Form): Malene sends ribbons of light in a chosen direction, damaging and immobilizing the first enemy hit.
  • Shadow Tendrils (Shadow Form): Malene unleashes three shadow tendrils in a chosen direction, dealing crystal damage to all enemies along their path. Each tendril deals its own instance of damage. Tendrils also deal less damage to minions.
  • Royal Amnesty (Light Form): Malene imbues herself with light, granting herself a barrier and boost in movement speed.
  • Wicked Escapade (Shadow Form): Malene becomes invulnerable and untargetable for a short time, slowing enemies as she passes through and leaving behind a pit of shadow. Enemies inside the pit are dealt damage when Malene reappears.
  • Enchanted Transformation: Malene switches between Light Form and Shadow Form, swapping abilities and gaining an empowerment on her next basic attack. The empowerment gained is dependent on the form she switches to.


      • Shadow Empowerment deals bonus damage
      • Light Empowerment slows target


  • Spiky-Spiky: Wicked Escapade (Shadow B) will also deal damage where Malene appears
  • Shadow Terror: Shadow Tendrils (Shadow A) will also cause enemies to gain the fear status
  • Royal Favours: Royal Amnesty (Light B) will also apply to nearby allies and deal damage around shielded targets upon expiry


With these, Vainglory’s latest hero can immobilize and damage enemies in rapid succession.

Petal Gets A New Skin And Some Reworks

The existing character Petal also sees a rework of her ability, Spontaneous Combustion. Players will know it as an Ultimate skill that commands Petal’s Munions to explode, dealing splash damage to enemies while healing allies. Now, with the rework, you can indicate the direction of her ability, allowing you greater freedom and control.

Her Heal Crystal ratio has also been increased from 30% to 60%.

Vainglory Petal "Tea Party" skin

Speaking of Petal, she’s also getting a new legendary “Tea Party” skin!

Vainglory epic "Samurai" Krul skin

Along with Petal’s legendary skin, there will also be new epic skins for Krul and Chumwalker.

Gameplay Updates And Patch Notes

  • Players now obtain a damage boost against structures (eg turrets) when they successfully capture Ghostwing
  • Several heroes, including Fortress and Alpha, have had their base stats updated

For full update notes, check out the Vainglory blog.