Zen Yourself with the Sevenfriday P1B/03 Japan Inspired Off-Series

Sevenfriday has created the P1B/03 Japan Inspired Off-Series, demonstrating a tasteful fusion of the island nation’s ancient history and modern pop culture. The P1B/03 Japan Inspired Off-Series is an enlightened approach to the P-Series’ square shape and rounded edge design. The P1B/03 Japan Inspired Off-Series makes graceful use of materials and printing effects to reflect the dynamism of past and present in a watch inspired by a country whose influence has transcended time.

Sevenfriday P1B/03 Japan Inspired Off-Series with Mount Fuji

Carved Like a Stone Garden

The first thing you’ll notice is that the multi-level interface incorporated rhodium and translucent discs, and is surrounded by a white bezel made of ceramic. This serene facade is a nod to the enduring popularity of the tea ceremony.

The base plate is pressed rhodium set in the style of The Great Wave Off Kanagawa block-print’s pattern. It truly is a magnificent sight to behold in such a small package and simply adds on to the cultural complexity of the P1B/03 Japan Inspired Off-Series.

Sevenfriday P1B/03 Japan Inspired Off-Series

The opaline silver second layer is carved like meticulously raked white sand in a stone garden. The gun metal hour indicators at the 1H, 3H, 5H, 7H, and 11H marks look like carefully placed pebbles in this stone garden, giving the entire presentation a pure and tranquil spirituality.

The stark, contrasted white and black leather straps features the Sevenfriday logo as well as “Seize the Day” emblazoned in Japanese on the white leather, and Hokusai-inspired wave prints of Mount Fuji on the black. Stainless steel clips repeat this wave-pattern, and reflects the metal piece on a Samurai’s sword handle.

The P1B/03 Japan Inspired Off-Series will bloom with 450 pieces this Spring during the Cherry Blossom Festival.