Natural Beauty Meets Craftsmanship With The BeoVision Eclipse Wood Edition

Last year, Bang & Olufsen introduced the BeoVision Eclipse, the product of a partnership between Bang & Olufsen and LG Electronics. The acoustic and aesthetic accomplishment now comes in a natural, elegant variant: the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Eclipse Wood Edition.

Best Of Both Worlds

Beovision Eclipse Wood Edition in living room setting

The BeoVision Eclipse line combines Bang & Olufsen’s design, craftsmanship, and acoustic expertise with LG Electronics’ OLED Tv technology. The end result is a TV with a stereo performance that surpasses most integrated solutions and soundbars on the market. With built-in internet radio and music streaming services, the BeoVision Eclipse is a music system in its own right.

BeoVision Eclipse with floor stand

An unusual feature of the BeoVision Eclipse is that it can be a floor-standing TV as well as placed on the wall. The motorized floor stand lets you adjust it to your heart’s content. With a push of a button, you can adjust its position to perfection.

Now With A Natural Touch

Close up on oak bar of BeoVision Eclipse Wood Edition

The BeoVision Eclipse Wood Edition is designed by award-winning Torsten Valeur, from David Lewis Designers. It comes with a hand made speaker cover in oak to add elegance, warmth, and high-end craftsmanship to any interior. The new design delivers proof of how beautifully warm oak complements the expression of the razor-thin display and its sleek aluminium elements. At the same time, it calls back to the long-standing Bang & Olufsen tradition of using wood in its product design.

Close up on oak bar of BeoVision Eclipse Wood Edition

Between the original BeoVision Eclipse and this oak edition, there’s a BeoVision Eclipse for every home.

The BeoVision Eclipse Wood Edition is available in two sizes. The following prices are inclusive of floor stand, oak cover, and BeoRemote One:

  • A 55” version that retails from a suggested price starting from SGD $18,650
  • A 65” version that retails from a suggested price starting from SGD $25,150

Current BeoVision Eclipse owners can buy a separate oak speaker cover at a suggested retail price of SGD$1,750.

The new BeoVision Eclipse Wood Edition and the separate speaker cover will be available in Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt and Takashimaya showrooms starting April 2018. Aluminium and fabric covers for BeoVision Eclipse are also available in the showrooms for purchase.