New Update Lets You Watch Netflix In HDR on Windows 10

If one of your 2018 resolutions is to treat yourself to movies and shows in the high quality you deserve, then you’re in luck. Netflix recently announced that users can now watch Netflix in HDR, not just on TV screens, but on PCs.

High Dynamic Range, For A Truly Visual Experience

Netflix's Stranger Things HDR comparison to normal

HDR aka High Dynamic Range lets you enjoy greater depth, definition, and colour when watching your favourite shows. Just one look at the picture above really makes it clear how much more vivid the HDR experience is.

HDR on PCs for Netflix is a feature that is the culmination of a multi-year collaboration between Netflix and a number of industry partners. Intel’s 7th generation and higher CPUs provide that capability needed to play the Netflix HDR10 encodes. In addition, both Intel and Nvidia developed GPUs that use 10 bits-per-channel for each of the RGB colours. This increases the colour space that can be represented. With this new hardware available in consumer PCs, Netflix and Microsoft partnered together to put the software pieces in place.

Microsoft added the necessary OS and browser changes in their Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Finally, Netflix engineers integrated against those APIs to complete the video player work.

The end result is a brand new wave of colour for Netflix users like you and me!

Visit the Netflix Help Center to learn what you need to start streaming Netflix in HDR today.