Corinne: Nokia brings back the good old days with the rebirth of a classic

Corinne The Nokia 3310 will no doubt evoke memories from many people across many age groups, possibly being handed down more than once, possibly because like the Internet memes suggest, this phone is perhaps indestructible. The new Nokia 3310 3G is probably made of gentler stuff, but nonetheless, it’ll bring back many happy memories.

“I’m not very fussy when it comes to phones, as I use them mostly for messaging and social media. It’s funny that you should bring up this phone (Nokia 3310 3G) because now and then I take time off from being connected online and a phone like this helps. The 3310 brings back good memories. I had the original Nokia 3310 – it was a hand-me-down from my parents, and yes, I used to enjoy playing Snake too. So I like the idea of this phone that’s fairly basic because you don’t get caught up in social norms of interacting online. I think kids should spend less time on the phone and more time meeting up. Maybe except for Snake. And a few other classic games.” – @corinne.kok



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