All-round Home Security With the Ring Protect

Ring Protect Base Bundle

Earlier this week, the Ring team announced their new Ring Protect, an affordable and comprehensive DIY home security system. Ring is known mostly for their video doorbells that let you see who’s at your door even if you’re not home. Convenient, and secure to boot. Now, with the Ring Protect, they’ve taken that additional step to offer you security along with convenience, all at a really affordable price!

No Long Term Contracts, No Expensive Fees

Ring Doorbell Elite Demonstration

The Ring Protect seamlessly integrates with all the Ring products, as well as dozens of other security products. With it, you can monitor your doorway and ensure the security of your home and your loved ones.

The best part though, is the affordability of the Ring Protect system. The base bundle starts at $199, and includes all you need to set up your very own home security system. It includes a keypad, base station, a door/window sensor, passive infrared detector, and Z-wave extender. If you already have Ring doorbells and security cameras, you’re already on your way to a comprehensive security system.

Ring also provides a cloud video storage option, at the very reasonable price of $10 a month. Or $100 for a year, if you’re so inclined. The cloud video storage system applies for an unlimited number of Ring devices, and includes 24/7 professional monitoring.

Affordable Security, For Your Peace Of Mind

Ring Doorbell Video

Ring’s mission is “To Reduce Crime in Neighborhoods”, and the Ring Protect is their latest foray into bringing affordable security systems to everyone. Providing an effective, inexpensive solution for homeowners is what the Ring Protect aims to do.

For more details, and to preorder your own Ring Protect system, find out more on the Ring website.