5 Reasons to Upgrade to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X

You would have known by now about Apple’s sexy new additions to their iPhone lineup – the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. These new iPhones introduce some great functions that make them worth your time (and money). Here are five reasons why you should totally upgrade your iPhone.

For Singaporeans, there is a piece of good news! You can preorder the phones already at your favourite telco’s respective website:

iPhone X True Tone Display

1. True Tone Display is Great for your Eyes

The new iPhones are the first in Apple’s flagship smartphone line to introduce True Tone Display technology. What this does is it adjusts the white areas of your phone’s display to match your surrounding light better. This results in a reading experience that is as close to reading on paper as possible, kind of like what the Kindle tries to imitate (but think more in terms of white copy paper rather than brownish book paper). True Tone Display will make reading lengthy articles on your phone less strenuous.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X A11 Bionic

2. A Freakin’ Powerful Processor

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X are the first to come with the A11 Bionic, the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. The A11 Bionic has six cores, all of which are harnessed to deliver up to 70% faster performance for multitasking and a longer battery life. The A11 Bionic also comes with an integrated GPU that gives you up to 30% more power than previous phones, opening up the possibility for even more beautiful games.

iPhone 8 Augmented Reality

3. Augmented Augmented Reality

The two new iPhones are perfectly tuned for AR. The cameras are better calibrated, and the accelerometers and gyroscopes are more accurate than ever. The previously mentioned A11 Bionic CPU chips in (pun not intended) to help as well, keeping better track of the world around you and having built-in scene recognition capabilities. There’s even a new development kit so developers can make better AR apps for the iPhone. If the popularity of Pokemon Go is any indication, we’re only scratching the surface of what AR can do, and iPhone users can take full advantage of a future where AR becomes commonplace.

Girl staring at iPhone X

4. Use your Face to Unlock your Phone (iPhone X only)

If someone told me my face could be used to unlock my phone two years ago, I would have thought he was trying to direct a sci-fi movie. Well, with Face ID this is going to become reality. The iPhone X uses the True Depth camera system made up of a dot projector, infrared camera, and floor illuminator to accurately map and recognise faces. Technical mumbo jumbo aside, what this means is that you can unlock your phone just by looking at it. Wow!

Animoji of a laughing fox on iPhone X

5. Animated Emojis!! (iPhone X only)

Last but not least, we might finally be seeing The Emoji Movie actually come to life inside our iPhones now. The new Animoji function on the iPhone X uses the True Depth camera system to capture your facial movements and replicate them with 3D emojis. Now you can really express yourself with emojis accurately. Annoyed at your friend? Send her a scowling panda. Found your colleague’s joke really funny? Animate a laughing unicorn.