Samsung Unveils new Wearables at Galaxy Studio Preview

We had the rare opportunity to attend the preview of Samsung’s new Galaxy Studio at Vivocity on Friday. The Galaxy Studio is showcase of the capabilities of their latest products in a fun and experiential way. The products revealed at the Galaxy Studio preview were the Gear Sport, the Gear Fit2 Pro and the Gear IconX.

Samsung Gear Sport

Gear Sport: Stylish yet Practical

Available in blue and black, the Gear Sport is a sleek and ergonomic smartwatch which you can wear everywhere. Whether you’re taking it to the gym or for a night’s drinks with friends, the Gear Sport will serve you well.

The Gear Sport is equipped with a circular bezel, a 1.2-inch SUPER AMOLED display, and an improved user interface that makes it easy for you to view information, even when on-the-go. You can work on your health and wellness goals with nutrition management alerts and activity recommendations even when you are offline.

Designed with military-level durability, the Gear Sport can handle a wide range of environments. Equipped with NFC, you can use the Gear Sport to make mobile payments via Samsung Pay with a flick of your wrist. So simple!

Samsung Fit2 Pro

Gear Fit2 Pro: Take it for a Swim

The Gear Fit2 Pro upgrades from its predecessor with new swimming and heart rate monitoring capabilities. It also features an advanced built-in GPS tracking to capture your run or ride more accurately. The Gear Fit2 Pro has a SUPER AMOLED 1.5-inch curved display and a high-resolution colour touchscreen, which makes real-time updates and notifications easier to read. It’s available in black and red.

Samsung Gear IconX

Gear IconX: Comfortable and Stylish Audio

The updated Gear IconX cord-free earbuds have a more ergonomic and lightweight design, and is effectively more secure, comfortable and stylish to use that its predecessor. It will automatically track your running routines, and has a Running Coach function which can be activated by simply tapping the earbuds. This will motivate you with exercise status updates even if your don’t have your phone with you.

It functions well as a daily-use pair of earphones as well for your daily commute. With up to 4GB internal storage, you can transfer your music for offline listening or simply access your phone’s library via bluetooth. The Gear IconX has fast-charging capabilities and a battery life of up to seven hours of music playback, so you shouldn’t really have to worry about downtime.

The Gear IconX is available in black, gray, and pink.

Samsung Galaxy Studio Preview

Galaxy Studio: Experience Samsung

The Galaxy Studio was pretty fun to experience, and I highly recommend checking it out even if you’re not a Samsung user. Instead of being a boring product showroom, Samsung has integrated specially curated experiential zones so you can feel for yourself what their products are all about. For example, you can dunk the phone underwater to test its water-resistant function, or step into a cylindrical light-show and record yourself in it with the Gear 360.

One standout attraction which I enjoyed a lot is the 4D VR Theater. You can play Galactic Attack on the Gear VR, which is basically a space-shooter. However, there’s a twist. Your seat actually moves and tilts according to in-game information, so you really feel like you’re out there battling aliens.

There are a few other attractions such as Samsung Pay Cafe and the S Pen Gallery, so do drop by. The staff are very friendly and who knows – you might walk away a newly converted Samsung fan.