4 new Canon Products that Photographers will Love

It’s an exciting time to be a Canon user, as they’ve just introduced four brand new products that will let you level up your photography game. Here are the four new Canon products that you can get your hands on.

1. Canon EOS M100

Canon EOS M100

The EOS M100 is Canon’s latest mirrorless that features the cutting-edge Dual Pixel CMOS AF and the DIGIC 7 image processor. It allows you to capture photos with the speed and precision of a DSLR while still being as easy to use as a smartphone camera.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF lets you capture fast-moving moments easily. It employs phase detection auto focus technology to accurately track and shoot moving subjects. If you like more control on the focus, there is a Touch AF function so you can adjust the focus easily with a touch of the LCD screen. The powerful DIGIC 7 image processor enables an impressive ISO sensitivity range of up to 25600, so you can shoot in very low light conditions without worry.

The EOS M100 features a self-portrait mode with Smooth Skin feature to help you take that picture-perfect selfie. There is also a Creative Assist feature that will simplify photography jargon so that you can take professional shots without having to learn them. You can configure and save up to six Creative Assist settings for a plethora of scenarios.

2. Canon EF85mm f/1.4L IS USM

Canon EF85mm f/1.4L IS USM

The latest in the L series of lenses, the EF85mm f/1.4L IS USM is equipped with an image stabilisation performance of up to 4 stops, a 9-blade circular aperture, and a silent USM motor. Therefore, the EF85mm f/1.4L IS USM is the perfect lens to take professional portraits with, allowing you to shoot high quality images with beautiful bokeh.

To achieve all-round high image quality from the centre to all four corners of the image, the molded glass aspheric lens corrects spherical aberration and reduces field curvature. With the Air Sphere Coating (ASC) technology, ghosting and flaring are greatly minimised. This is particularly effective for incident light that is almost perpendicular to the surface.

The EF85mm f/1.4L IS USM is the first 85mm large aperture lens that comes equipped with image stabilisation technology. IS allows for the use of lower ISO for better image quality, and effectively compensates for handshake blur, especially in low light situations. Therefore you can achieve vivid clarity despite the possibility of camera shake.

Finally, this lens was made to be durable. The EF85mm f/1.4L IS USM features a dustproof and water-resistant structure in the lens mount, switches, and focusing ring to prevent any incursion of moisture and dust. Additionally, both its front and rear lens are coated with a layer of fluorine to repel water and oil.

3. Canon TS-E50mm f/2.8L MACRO, TS-E90mm f/2.8L MACRO and TS-E135mm f/4L MACRO

Canon TS-E135mm f/4L MACRO

Canon’s three new tilt-shift lenses are the new standard in creative control for photographers. These lenses are developed for studio, architecture, and macro photography, making them perfect for users seeking to expand their shooting perspectives.

The lenses utilize large diameter glass molded aspherical lens elements, reducing distortion and chromatic aberration. The UD lens elements ensure high resolution and contrast. To reduce ghosting and flaring effect caused by light at large angles of incidence, anti-reflective technology like Subwavelength Structure Coating (SWC) and Air Sphere Coating (ASC) are applied to keep reflections to the minimum. With an increased maximum magnification of 0.5x, the lenses are able to capture finer details and textures of small subjects, making it desirable for product photography.

Moreover, they also come with tilt and shift knobs that are enlarged to make them easier to handle. There is also a tilt-locking mechanism added to reduce unintended tilting when shooting.

4. Canon Macro Twin Lite MT-26EX-RT

Canon Macro Twin Lite MT-26EX-RT

The last product announced in this line-up is the Macro Twin Lite MT-26EX-RT, an external flash unit designed for macro photography. The Macro Twin Lite MT-26EX-RT is designed with dual flash heads that can be adjusted independently and removed from the mounting ring, thus making it suitable for an extensive range of close up, nature, and macro photography.

The Macro Twin Lite MT-26EX-RT features high-luminance white LEDs, which are brighter than the predecessor’s (MT-24EX) krypton lamps. These are added to enable easier focusing even in low light conditions. There is also an enhanced minimum light emission of 1/512 (on manual setting). When shooting on this setting, the Macro Twin Lite MT-26EX-RT is capable of suppressing the occurrence of blown-out highlights in very close up macro shooting scenarios, maintaining exposure so details can be better seen.

Recycle time on the Macro Twin Lite MT-26EX-RT is reduced to approximately 5.5 seconds and 3.3 seconds for quick flash, which are 1.5 seconds or 3.7 seconds for quick flash faster than its predecessor. With the shorter recycling time, you will be able to trigger the flash faster due to the corresponding decrease in charging time.