Glashütte Original Senator Observer: Merging Timeless Navigation with Modern Watchmaking Excellence

The Legacy of Observation Watches
Observation watches, also known as deck watches, have been essential tools for captains, pilots, and explorers for centuries. These portable timepieces, used alongside marine chronometers, played a crucial role in determining the exact position of ships on the high seas or expedition teams on land. Designed for high accuracy, readability in poor visibility, and robust construction, observation watches were indispensable in navigation.


A Spirit of Discovery
Notable polar explorer Roald Amundsen famously carried an observation watch from the Glashütte-based manufactory Julius Assmann during his historic Antarctic expedition on the “Fram” in June 1910. On December 14, 1911, Amundsen and his team became the first people to reach the geographic South Pole, marking a significant milestone in global exploration. This daring journey, which tragically cost Robert Falcon Scott and his team their lives, underscores the importance of reliable timekeeping instruments in exploration.

The Senator Observer: A Modern Tribute
Honouring this rich tradition, Glashütte Original has introduced a contemporary version of the observation watch: the high-precision Senator Observer. Powered by the calibre 100-14, a finely crafted manufactory calibre, the Senator Observer boasts a power reserve of 55 hours. While traditional observation watches utilise manual winding movements, the Senator Observer is equipped with a modern automatic movement, blending historical craftsmanship with contemporary innovation.

Functionality and Elegance in Stainless Steel
The Senator Observer from Glashütte Original features a 44 mm diameter stainless steel case, polished and satin-finished to perfection. This elegant timepiece, with its functional design, is available in black, silver, or grey-grained dials, and offers various strap options to suit different tastes. The Senator Observer seamlessly combines the art of navigation with the precision of watchmaking, making it a distinguished choice for modern explorers and watch enthusiasts alike.

The Glashütte Original Senator Observer retail price :

  • 16,100 SGD, Fold fastener (1-00-14-07-02-30)
  • 16,100 SGD, Fold fastener short (1-00-14-07-02-50)
  • 15,600 SGD, Clasp (1-00-14-07-02-07)