Sennheiser’s Latest Addition to the HD 600 Series: The HD 620S

Sennheiser has introduced the newest member of its acclaimed HD 600 series, offering audiophiles an exceptional closed-back headphone designed for private, reference-quality listening.

“The hi-fi community has long desired a headphone that embodies the best features of our 600 series while providing isolation from distractions whether at work, home or on the go,” said Canice Koh, General Manager of Sonova Consumer Hearing Singapore. “The HD 620S not only meets this demand but also delivers immersive imaging and brilliant impulse response, making it ideal for any situation where high performance is essential.”

The Family Tree
At the core of the HD 620S is a custom-tuned 42mm dynamic transducer, manufactured at Sennheiser’s cutting-edge transducer plant in Tullamore, Ireland.

This transducer continues the smooth, effortless sound characteristic of the open-back 600 series, with a modern, airy signature that offers a balance of honesty and deep, articulate bass. The 150-ohm aluminium voice coil, with its high damping factor, excels in handling fast transients and well-defined instrument tails, providing punchy dynamics across the entire frequency spectrum—a feature cherished by audiophiles and gamers alike for capturing intricate details.

Iconic Design and Comfort
Housed in a chassis renowned for long-term wearing comfort among audiophiles, gamers, and streamers, the HD 620S inspires confidence and delivers an instant sweet spot. Metal elements enhance both tactile feel and acoustic performance, with a steel plate sealing the back volume to manage internal reflections and maintain signal purity.

The angled baffle promotes free air movement, emulating the behaviour of open-back transducers and recreating the triangular imaging of a high-quality loudspeaker setup in a finely tuned room. This design immerses listeners in the centre of the action, whether enjoying a rare live concert recording or engaging in a massive online multiplayer game.

Case Closed
While open headphones are favoured by audio purists, closed headphones are essential for situations requiring isolation from external noise.

Audiophiles often compromise the natural response and wide imaging of open headphones to avoid disturbing others or being distracted. The HD 620S breaks this trade-off by offering a dramatic soundstage without the fatiguing, boxy sound typical of closed headphones.

Built to Last
The HD 620S features a metal-reinforced headband and ear cup housings for lasting durability and comfort. It comes with a storage pouch that protects against dust and includes space for the detachable cable.

The 1.8-meter cable ends in a single-ended 3.5mm stereo plug with an integrated locking screw for the included 6.3mm adapter. Additionally, an optional balanced 4.4mm cable will be available this summer, allowing users to connect to a growing range of hi-fi devices with the popular connector.

The HD 620S shares the twist-and-lock single-sided cable design with other Sennheiser headphones, offering plenty of aftermarket options, including different lengths and an in-line microphone.

Pricing and Availability
The HD 620S is available from selected retailers and at, with a retail price of S$499.