OMEGA Unveils New Constellation Collection with Unique Meteorite Dials

OMEGA’s Constellation collection, renowned for its inspiration drawn from the precision of celestial movements, introduces an enthralling range of models this year, each boasting a dial crafted from the Muonionalusta meteorite, one of the oldest meteorites known to man, dating back over 4.5 billion years.

This extraordinary space material is characterized by its distinctive natural pattern, ensuring that each slice—and consequently, each watch dial—is one-of-a-kind. This means that every OMEGA customer will own a piece of timekeeping that is not only exclusive but also narrates its unique cosmic history.

To further augment the visual appeal of these timepieces, OMEGA has applied its cutting-edge colour treatment technologies. This innovation allows for a spectrum of mesmerizing dial options, providing buyers with a variety of captivating choices to suit their tastes. The collection, comprising 20 models across different size categories, showcases the fusion of advanced horology with the mystique of outer space.

Among the notable entries in the 41 mm Co-Axial Master Chronometer category is a stainless steel model featuring a black ceramic bezel. The meteorite dial of this model is finished in a rhodium-grey galvanic hue, with hands, indexes, and the iconic Constellation star receiving a contrasting black PVD treatment, offering a sophisticated and modern aesthetic.

For those favouring a smaller size, the 29 mm Co-Axial Master Chronometer presents an exquisite bi-colour model crafted from stainless steel and 18K yellow gold. The meteorite dial here is adorned with a PVD Moonshine™ Gold colour treatment, creating an alluring glow that beautifully complements the diamond hour markers and diamond-paved bezel, epitomizing luxury and elegance.

The 28 mm selection includes a striking model combining stainless steel with 18K Sedna™ Gold. Its meteorite dial undergoes an icy blue colour treatment, paired with diamond hour markers for an added touch of brilliance. A stamped Constellation Observatory medallion on the caseback pays homage to OMEGA’s heritage of precision and astronomical achievements.

Rounding out the collection, the 25 mm selection offers a bi-colour model in stainless steel and 18K Sedna™ Gold, where the meteorite dial is given a delicate lilac colour treatment. Diamonds grace the bezel and hour markers, while the Constellation Observatory medallion on the caseback signifies the brand’s enduring commitment to accuracy and exploration.

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