SHARP Unveils the FL1X TV Series: A New Dimension in Home Entertainment

SHARP has once again pushed the boundaries of home entertainment technology with the launch of its FL1X TV series, introducing two impressive models: the 55-inch 4T-C55FL1X and the 65-inch 4T-C65FL1X. These latest additions to SHARP’s lineup are engineered to elevate entertainment, learning, and relaxation experiences, blending cutting-edge technology with cinematic magic.

Experience Cinematic Brilliance
The FL1X TV series is a testament to SHARP’s commitment to innovation, featuring the Deep Chroma Display and the X5 Revelation Processor, along with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. These features work in harmony to provide an unmatched viewing experience that brings movies, games, and more to life with incredible clarity and immersive audio.

The Deep Chroma Display is a game-changer, offering over a billion colours and enhancing the chroma backlight to deliver a spectrum of colours with unprecedented precision. This technology ensures that every scene is rendered with the utmost realism, from the subtle expressions on an actor’s face to the vivid details of a landscape.

Powering the FL1X series is the X5 Revelation Processor, which, coupled with AQUOS Smooth Motion technology, eliminates motion blur for smooth, crystal-clear visuals. Whether it’s fast-paced action movies, sports, or gaming, the FL1X series guarantees an optimum viewing experience without compromise.

Dolby’s Dynamic Duo
Enhancing the visual feast are Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos, offering a dynamic duo that elevates the cinematic experience. Dolby Vision IQ extends the capabilities of Dolby Vision HDR, adapting to the room’s lighting conditions to maintain perfect clarity and colour accuracy. This ensures that viewers can enjoy optimal picture quality, day or night.

Complementing the visual brilliance is Dolby Atmos, delivering a fully immersive audio experience with sound that surrounds the viewer from all directions. The unique reflector structure of the FL1X series further enhances audio clarity, ensuring every dialogue and sound effect is heard with pristine clarity.

Uncomplicated Design for Modern Living
Beyond its technical prowess, the FL1X TV series boasts an elegant design that harmonizes with any living space. Its blend of horizontal and vertical structures is enhanced by the traditional KUMIKI design in its TV stand, adding strength and a touch of sophistication.

The series also features a user-friendly remote controller with a monolith design that emphasizes minimalism and functionality. Its slim profile and strategically placed buttons offer ease of use and a comfortable grip, making the viewing experience not just technologically advanced but also delightfully simple.

The SHARP 4T-C65FL1X TV is priced at $2,018 and the 4T-C55FL1X at $1,614 and is available for purchase on Cocorolife, SHARP’s official Shopee and Lazada stores and authorised retailers. Find out more here.