FiiO R9: Redefining HiFi Excellence with Cutting-Edge Audio Innovation

FiiO, renowned for its high-fidelity audio players, introduces the R9 Flagship all-in-one digital media streamer, a convergence of top-tier streaming and amplification capabilities within a single device. Building upon the acclaimed R7 model from the previous year, the R9 elevates the desktop HiFi experience to unprecedented heights.

Unmatched Audio Quality
The FiiO R9 is armed with dual high-performance 8-Channel ESS Sabre ES9038PRO DACs, individually dedicated to the left and right channels. Each DAC chip incorporates eight independent D/A converters, simultaneously delivering distinct, precise, and immersive sound output.

To further enhance performance, the R9 adopts an advanced 8-Channel THX AAA 788+ desktop-grade amplifier design. These headphone amplifiers, driven by a high-voltage power supply, are arranged in parallel groups for a four-way balanced configuration, significantly improving transient response.

Efficient heat dissipation, facilitated by comb-shaped heat sinks and optimized circuit layout, ensures sustained and stable high-power output. Consequently, the R9 is capable of delivering an impressive 7300mW per channel at 32Ω, marking a remarkable 102% increase over its predecessor, the R7.

Comprehensive HiFi Audio Connectivity
The R9 achieves remarkable audio fidelity through its five-stage audio architecture, incorporating meticulously engineered IV, LPF, gain, pre-amplification, and current expansion stages. Central to this architecture is the OPA2211 op-amps, crafted through the silicon-germanium (SiGe) CMOS manufacturing process, ensuring exceptional chip performance.

With a variable gain and variable power supply voltage design, the R9 offers five gain levels, enabling precise control over desired listening volumes.

Featuring a plethora of input and output options, including an HDMI ARC port, the R9 is designed to integrate with various devices seamlessly. It offers single-ended 6.35mm, balanced 4.4mm, and balanced 4-pin XLR outputs, catering to a wide range of headphones available in the market.

For wireless headphone enthusiasts, the R9 supports a multitude of codecs, including AAC, SBC, aptX, aptX HD, and LDAC. Additionally, it boasts support for high-resolution PCM files up to 32-bit/768kHz, native DSD512 audio and incorporates MQA decoding capabilities.

Seamless Streaming and Intuitive Interface
Powered by an open Android OS, the R9 enables streaming services to deliver audio in its native quality without downsampling. Moreover, the OS allows the R9 to circumvent Android’s SRC restrictions globally, facilitating direct downloads of streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, Qobuz, Amazon Music, and Deezer onto the device.

Delivering a user experience akin to smartphones, the R9 features a 6-inch tall 2160×1080 HD touchscreen display, complemented by Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi capabilities. Equipped with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage (expandable to 2TB via SD cards), the R9 ensures seamless playback of audio files through the pre-installed FiiO Music application.

Pricing and Availability
The FiiO R9 is priced at S$2399 (including GST) and is available immediately at AV One, Stereo Electronics, Sam Audio, TK Foto, and TREOO.