CORUM Unveils Limited Edition Bubble Timepieces Celebrating the Year of the Dragon

CORUM, renowned for its blend of aesthetic brilliance and technical mastery in high-end watchmaking, has unveiled two limited edition timepieces in celebration of the Year of the Dragon. These exclusive creations underscore CORUM’s dedication to creativity and audacity, qualities deeply rooted in the brand’s ethos since its inception in 1955.

Embracing the Chinese Dragon Symbolism
The dragon, a revered emblem in Chinese culture, represents power, nobility, honour, luck, and success. In tribute to this mythical creature, CORUM introduces two limited edition models of its iconic Bubble watch. The Bubble series, born from Severin Wunderman’s vision inspired by a 1960s experimental diver’s watch, has established itself as a watchmaking icon, noted for its unconventional design and signature domed crystal.

Bubble 47 Dragon: A Fusion of Horology and Myth
The “Bubble Dragon” watch is a mesmerizing blend of fine watchmaking and Chinese cultural heritage, honouring the lunar calendar and the dragon’s symbolism. The watch’s dial is a masterwork, featuring a narrative inspired by the legend that dragons ascend to the sky upon hearing thunder, surrounded by mystical black clouds and a golden dragon that embodies the majestic creature’s power and grace.

Bubble 47 Dragon Eye: Craftsmanship Meets Mythology
The “Bubble Dragon Eye” takes inspiration from the rich tapestry of Chinese mythology, distinguishing itself with a painstakingly crafted depiction of a dragon’s eye on the dial. This emblem of strength and power is not just machined but handcrafted using metal casting techniques, creating a relief unmatched by conventional methods. The eye’s intricate colouring and hand-revealed golden scales lend each piece a unique artistic quality, further enhanced by the Bubble collection’s characteristic domed sapphire crystal.

Both models feature the CO 082 automatic movement, operating at a frequency of 4 Hz with a 42-hour power reserve. The 47mm cases are fashioned from stainless steel with a black PVD finish and include a sapphire crystal case back showcasing the movement. Each model is coupled with a vulcanized rubber strap and is limited to just 88 pieces, making them exclusive collector’s items.

Both CORUM Bubble 47 Dragon and Bubble 47 Dragon Eye retail at CHF 7,000,00 and click here for more information.