Sony’s Alpha 7C-II and Alpha 7CR: Compact Cameras with Superior Quality

Sony introduces the newest members of the Alpha 7C series, the Alpha 7C-II, and Alpha 7CR, augmenting the realm of compact full-frame interchangeable lens cameras. These creations embody advanced functionalities encased in sleek and lightweight designs, suitable for diverse photography scenarios, including travel and street photography.

Alpha 7C-II: A Symphony of Compactness and Quality
The Alpha 7C II, a successor to the renowned Alpha 7C series, marries a compact design with high-grade performance, featuring a full-frame image sensor with approximately 33.0 effective megapixels. The compact nature of this model, weighing roughly 514g and measuring around 124mm x 71.1mm x 63.4mm, does not compromise the technological prowess it offers in still image and video functions.

Sony Alpha 7C II

Alpha 7CR: High-Resolution Performance in Compact Design
The Alpha 7CR, with its impressive 61.0 effective megapixels sensor—equivalent to the one in the Alpha 7R V—offers supreme resolution and rich gradation performance in a similarly compact body, weighing around 515g. This model excels in delivering high-quality images across diverse settings, like portrait, wildlife, and landscape photography, providing a harmonious blend of extremely high resolution with portability and lightness.

Sony Alpha 7CR

Advanced Technological Integration
Both models are fortified with the AI-processing unit and BIONZ XR® processors prevalent in Sony’s latest camera models like the Alpha 7R V and Alpha 6700. They offer Real-time Recognition AF for accurate subject recognition and 5-axis in-body image stabilization, ensuring superior shooting advantages. They support top-notch 4:2:2 10-bit video recording up to 4K60p and embrace Sony’s acclaimed S-Cinetone colour science, facilitating rich cinematic video quality.

Tailored for Modern Creators
In response to the growing demand for high-quality imaging performance in compact sizes, especially amongst creators who actively share on social media networks, the Alpha 7C II and Alpha 7CR meet the need for high mobility and exquisite image expression in a compact frame.

Alpha 7C-II Key Features:
● Equipped with a full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor and the latest BIONZ XR image processing engine, it assures high-quality image capture, whether in stills or movies, apt for travel and daily snapshots.
● It’s approximately 22% lighter and has 45% less volume compared to the Alpha 7 IV.
● Offers a standard ISO sensitivity range of 100 to 51200 for both stills and movies, enabling noise-free high-sensitivity shooting.

Alpha 7CR Key Features:
● Features a full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor with approximately 61.0 effective megapixels and the latest BIONZ XR image processing engine to achieve high-resolution imaging performance.
● It’s approximately 29% lighter and has 53% less volume compared to the Alpha 7R V.
● Offers 7.0-step optical 5-axis in-body image stabilization to detect and correct even slight blurring at the 1-pixel level.

Shared Features:
● Both models are compact and highly mobile, allowing users to enjoy a range of image expressions unique to full size, whether in stills or movies.
● They offer advanced video performance, rendering rich gradation with S-Log3, and featuring S-Cinetone, which enables a cinematic look straight out of the camera without post-processing.
● Enhanced operability and connectivity, with touch-operable vari-angle LCD monitor, intuitive operation with the latest touch menu, and compatibility with the smartphone application Creators’ App.
● Designed with environmental consideration, incorporating recycled materials in the camera body and reducing environmental impact without compromising functionality.

The new Alpha 7C-II and Alpha 7CR will be available in selected retail shops and online stores from October 2023.

The Alpha 7C-II (Body only) retails at S$2,999, the Alpha 7C II (Body + SEL2860 kit) retails at S$3,399, and the Alpha 7CR (Body only) retails at S$$4,099. They are all available in black and silver.