TAG Heuer Unveils Luxurious Connected Watches with a Blend of Elegance and Power

Distinguished Swiss luxury watchmaker, TAG Heuer, proudly introduces a pair of exquisite and potent connected timepieces: the TAG Heuer Connected 45 mm Bright Black Edition and the pioneering TAG Heuer Connected 42 mm Golden Bright Edition. These watches embody a harmonious convergence of refined design, cutting-edge technology, and captivating allure.

A Fusion of Elegance and Technology

The TAG Heuer Connected 45 mm Bright Black Edition showcases an irresistible allure that seamlessly marries elegance with power. Encased in a black DLC sandblasted grade 2 titanium case, this watch exudes sophistication and charm. A steel crown surrounded by rubber enhances grip and functionality, while a ceramic bezel adorned with golden lacquer and PVD adds an opulent touch. The bi-material leather/rubber strap offers comfort and style, complementing the watch’s charismatic character. Golden lacquer details on the crown and pushers enhance its overall appeal.

Breaking new ground, TAG Heuer introduces the TAG Heuer Connected 42 mm Golden Bright Edition, featuring a full golden PVD watch case for the first time in the Connected collection. Encased in rose golden PVD steel with alternate finishes, this timepiece emanates timeless grace. The full leather strap boasts a captivating black and red lining, accentuating its luxurious aesthetic. A rose golden PVD steel crown adds distinction, harmonizing seamlessly with the watch’s design. The domed sapphire crystal safeguards the exquisite dial, enhancing both durability and clarity. With its 42 mm case size, this timepiece boasts universal appeal.

Both watches feature a practical folding clasp on their straps, enhancing wearability and adding a touch of elegance.

A Symphony of Colors

Presented in an elegant black watch box, the TAG Heuer Connected 45 mm Bright Black Edition and TAG Heuer Connected 42 mm Golden Bright Edition are set to be available from June 2023. These remarkable timepieces will be exclusively sold in TAG Heuer boutiques, the brand’s e-commerce platforms, and select authorized retailers worldwide.