Travel with me & Canon EOS R50

    “A handy & effortless camera is all I need to capture beautiful memories.”

    By Tyler Koh

    Travelling and exploring new places has always been one of my favourite things to do during my free time. I enjoy capturing beautiful moments of the place and time to create content on my Instagram.

    I have been using Canon EOS R50 for quite a few of my trips and was pleased by how easy it is to operate the camera to create content. It allows me to record video in 4K 30p or at full HD 120p which gives me high-resolution videos which barely require any editing before uploading on my socials.

    On top of my camera, I usually bring around outerwear or carry things for my parents. What I love is how lightweight the R50 is at approximately 375g which allows me to travel light, and is compact enough to fit into my petite travel bag.

    The R50 has a highly accurate burst, shooting at up to 15 frames per second for shots with movement, or even just the waves of the ocean.

    Taken by Canon EOS R50 with RF-S18-45mm, f/5.0 IS STM, Exposure: 1/1250 ISO 500

    The camera also helps me to capture stunning images at a resolution of 24.2 megapixels. Just look at these amazing images taken by my mother in Jeju Island, South Korea.

    The R50 also has a great autofocus performance thanks to the EOS iTR AF X and Dual Pixel CMOS AF II, which make photos captured in the dark less noisy as compared to a smartphone.

    Taken by Canon EOS R50 with RF-S18-45mm, f/6.3 IS STM, Exposure: 1/200 ISO 125

    I like to post content every day to keep up with consistency and connect with my followers, so I actually post content not long after they are shot. The camera has built-in Wi-Fi that allows me to connect wirelessly to my smartphone which facilitates the transfers of images and videos automatically and conveniently from the EOS R50 on the go. This assists me in updating my socials to share my content wherever and whenever.

    Taken by Canon EOS R50 with RF-S18-45mm, f/4.5 IS STM, Exposure: 1/60 ISO 6400

    On top of that, with this built-in Wi-Fi feature, it allows me to perform remote shooting, especially when there is no one around to take photos and I can still take my family photos with a tripod. All I need is the companion app on my phone to trigger the camera.

    Taken by Canon EOS R50 with RF-S18-45mm, f/6.3 IS STM, Exposure: 1/200 ISO 125

    Overall, I feel that the Canon EOS R50 is easy to use and provides absolute convenience for myself and even for my mother to take photos for me. At a price of S$1,409, it is a great price for stunning images and videos for beginners!