Review: Jabra Speak2 75

Professional Portable Speakerphone

Business meetings can be conducted anywhere with this top-of-the-range speakerphone

To create a professional speakerphone, Jabra knows you need more than just a speaker and a microphone. With the Speak2 75, you can transform any space into an open conference using several advanced technological features. The full-range 65mm driver delivers a super-wideband audio experience of above 10,000 Hz so that audio sounds more natural and clear. The full-duplex audio feature means all parties can speak and be heard at the same time. Numerous touch-sensitive buttons positioned around the speaker provide access to controls quickly, like answering calls, adjusting volume, and muting the mic.

Four beamforming microphones – more than ever in a Jabra speakerphone – with digital signal processing algorithms analyse sound all around the office, identifying the voices to let in and the background noises to cut out. It can also detect the quality of the mic pickup and visually indicate the speaker. With that, you will know when to get closer to the Speak2 75 and speak up. But more often than not, this is unnecessary thanks to the Voice Level Normalization technology that adjusts the sensitivity of your voice even if you are further away from the Speak2 75.

The Speak2 75 comes with several physical features to ensure it survives the road without a ding. It comes with a carrying pouch, is IP64 rated for water and dust resistance, and has a battery life of up to 32 hours. It easily connects via Bluetooth to two devices concurrently, or you can directly connect over USB-C. Jabra includes a Bluetooth adapter, and the cable comes with an attached USB-A adapter on one end.

With a professional speakerphone like the Speak2 75, online meetings become more efficient because more people can talk at the same time and be heard. Sound fills the room and allows everyone to hear one another clearly. Being wireless also provides flexibility in placing the speaker anywhere. We could even pass the speaker around the room just to lighten the mood.

Rating: 4/5

We Say: The Speak2 75 delivers professional quality for group meetings anywhere.

S$ 573

Technical Specifications
Speaker Size 65mm
Number of Microphones 4
Microphone Quality Indicator Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.2, USB-C
IP Rating IP64
Water Resistance IPX4
Battery up to 32 hours
Dimensions 176 x 193 x 139 mm
Weight 466g