Review: LG TONE Free T90

Feature-Rich True Wireless

LG’s latest flagship true wireless earbuds pack more features than any competitors

The LG TONE Free T90 is the new model that replaces the FP9 from the previous year. There are very minor design changes which you need to look close enough to tell the difference. The T90 has improved battery life to 9 hours plus another 20 from the case and it supports wireless charging. Unlike the TONE Fit TF8 which has an IP67 water rating, the T90 is only IPX4 which is adequate to repel rain and sweat.

Even after one year after the release of FP9, there aren’t a lot of earbuds that come with half of the features. Yet the new T90 inherits all the FP9 functions and adds a few more new features. Like the FP9, the T90 can read messages out loud so you do not need to check your phone. Wear detection switches the audio signals from stereo to mono when you remove one earbud. The Plug & Wireless feature lets you connect the charging case to any audio output device and transmits audio to the earbuds. It also supports USB digital audio when plugged into your Windows computer and can be used for making calls.

Most wireless earbuds offer one audio-processing technology, but the TONE Free T90 comes with two. The Meridian audio processor supports 5 equalizer presets, and the Dolby Atmos adds “Virtual Head Tracking” where the earbuds create a spatial effect which changes the source direction when you turn your head.

The LG TONE Free T90 uses a new 11mm graphene driver that is larger than the FP9 (8mm). The FP9 sounds brighter with more treble sparkle while the T90 offers meatier bass and is consistently less bright with a fuller bass response. While the T90 lacks treble gratification, it allows the listener to enjoy music at higher volume levels. ANC is effective in removing overall frequencies but still not at the level of Sony. In Ambient Sound mode, there are two options to choose from. For calls, LG has an interesting option called “Whispering Mode” which turns your right earbud into a handheld mic with increased sensitivity so that you can really talk softly in noisy places.

Rating: 4/5

We Say: The LG TONE Free T90 has so much audio tech, versatility, comfortable fit, IPX4, 29 hours, UVnano, Dolby Atmos, Plug & Wireless USB Audio.


Technical Specifications
Drivers 11mm Graphene Dynamic Drivers
EQ Meridian Sound Effect, Dolby Atmos Head Tracking, Custom EQ
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.3, Plug & Wireless 3.5mm and USB modes
Bluetooth 5.3, Multipoint, Microsoft Swift Pair, Google Fast Pair
Waterproof Rating IPX4
Battery Life 9 hours (without ANC), 29 hours (with charging case)
Dimensions 54.5 x 54.5 x 29.6 mm
Weight 5.3g (earbuds), 39.3g (total)