Create Memories with the new INSTAX mini 12

FUJIFILM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd has announced the launch of INSTAX mini 12 (mini 12), a new entry-level model in the INSTAX series of instant cameras that allows users to print photos on the spot.

The mini 12 is an upgraded version of the popular INSTAX mini 11 (mini 11) and is perfect for close-up shots and selfies. It incorporates features that make it easier than ever before to capture various scenes, such as the “Automatic Exposure” function, which determines the correct exposure for a given scene, and the “Close-up mode,” which is perfect for close-up shots and selfies.

The mini 12 comes in five colours and has a balloon-like design that expresses the fun of the INSTAX. Fujifilm will also release camera cases for mini 12 in colours matching the model’s body tones, as well as INSTAX mini film albums.

Available in five light-toned colours, namely Lilac Purple, Pastel Blue, Blossom Pink, Mint Green, and Clay White

Additionally, Fujifilm has launched the smartphone app “INSTAX UP!” that can scan INSTAX prints taken with INSTAX cameras or output from a smartphone printer, and save them as digital data in the smartphone. Users can combine a digitized print with a favourite background to create an original collection of INSTAX pictures, and can view precious INSTAX prints on a smartphone anytime and anywhere or post a created collection to social media directly from within the app for instantaneous sharing with friends. The app is available as a free download for Android phones and iOS devices.

The INSTAX series of instant cameras not only allows users to print precious moments on the spot but also acts as a tool for self-expression and communication tool.

The camera will be available in Japan on March 16, 2023, and in other countries later in the sequence.