Fresh Clean Sheets with Sharp’s new front-loading washing machines

With SHARP’s new front-loading washing machines, the ES-FW95SG and ES-FW125SG, which come in two sizes, 9.5kg and 12.5kg, respectively, open the doors to your cleanest, freshest, and most environmentally friendly load of laundry.

Sharp’s J-Tech Inverter technology powers the new models, making them the company’s most potent and intelligent washers yet. This technology allows for potent spins and sensitive water level detections. They wash using ten different cycles, including Cotton, Eco, Super Quick, Rinse + Spin, Wool, Allergy, Hygiene, Bedding, and Drum Clean, to thoroughly clean both their innards and your garments after each wash. For ultimate peace of mind, they also include a Steam Care option that will eliminate 99.9% of germs and allergens.

The models include an easy-to-use guided control panel at the top and include kid lock and auto restarts during unanticipated pauses. It is programmed to reduce water waste in order to be environmentally friendly.

Every time you open the front-load doors of the new models, anticipate receiving thoroughly clean clothing without any compromise.

The SHARP ES-FW95SG and ES-FW125SG front load washers are offered at Cocoro Life E-store and a few other authorized sellers for $1220 and $1553, respectively.