Showcasing first BMW i7 in Singapore

BMW Asia unveiled the first-ever BMW i7 today at the BMW i Pavilion at ION Orchard, L1 ION2 last week, the all-electric flagship car will be available for VIPs and prospective customers to observe up close how a luxury vehicle can effortlessly be paired with an unshakable commitment to sustainability.
“BMW has been on an electric offensive since July 2021 with the introduction of the first-ever BMW iX3, followed by the BMW iX in December 2021 and then the BMW i4 in March 2022,” said Lars Nielsen, Managing Director of BMW Group Asia. “During this period, the demand for our EVs has well-surpassed supply, proving more than ever that drivers in Singapore are ready to go electric. The BMW i7 is our first fully electric luxury sedan and customers are eagerly awaiting its arrival later this year. Until then, they have an opportunity to view our flagship model at the BMW i Pavilion and see first-hand what is making everyone go ‘Wow’.”


Subtle points to top-level sustainability.

The first-ever BMW i7 features several distinguishing aesthetic elements that emphasize its environmentally friendly nature. Its BMW kidney grille, which is covered to improve airflow, bears the BMW I sub-brand emblem. The horizontal bar in the lower air intake, decorative elements in the side skirts and rear apron, and BMW logo surround at the front and back are all standard in BMW i Blue.

Unique sound experience with the new BMW IconicSounds Electric.

Regardless of the entertainment package, BMW i7 owners will be greeted by another unmistakable sound experience in the shape of BMW IconicSounds Electric. When you press the Start/Stop button, an exciting acoustic accompaniment plays, building anticipation for the all-electric driving experience that awaits you. This distinct sound is the outcome of another collaboration between the BMW Group and Hans Zimmer. If requested, a drive sound with a startlingly transparent timbre and spherical components provides an authentic response to every accelerator movement. The sound’s character changes depending on the vehicle setting selected with the My Modes button. This means that the car’s audio range is more dominant and forceful in SPORT mode.

Pure luxury and dynamic performance with zero emissions.

The first-ever BMW i7 offers it all: driving pleasure, passenger comfort, and a sumptuous ambience without compromise – all while emitting zero local emissions. Its fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology includes highly integrated drive units at the front and rear axles that include the electric motor, power electronics, and gearbox in a single, very compact body, as well as charging technology and a high-voltage battery.

To extend range, the control of the adaptive recuperation function has been refined in the first-ever BMW i7. The efficiency with which power is transferred to the first-ever BMW i7, as well as the durability of its high-voltage battery, benefit from the most recent breakthroughs in charging technology. In comparison to the BMW iX and BMW i4 models, the charging software has been improved further, the temperature of the high-voltage battery is more accurately managed, and there is also an innovative capability for saving charging profiles. Furthermore, the BMW Maps navigation system in the first-ever BMW i7 displays the charging-optimized route even faster and in greater detail.

Electric motors with no critical raw materials in the rotor.

The electric motors operate based on an electrically excited synchronous motor, in which the rotor is set in motion by a perfectly regulated electrical supply rather than fixed permanent magnets. This eliminates the need for key rare earth metals (needed for magnetic components) in the rotor’s production.

The first-ever BMW i7 xDrive60’s almost silent power delivery and luxury sensation of driving comfort are aided further by enhancements to the electric drive units’ acoustics, a model-specific mounting concept, and newly developed noise encapsulation for the electric motors. The motor driving the rear wheels produces 230 kW/313 hp, while the unit driving the front axle produces 190 kW/258 hp. The total maximum power of the two drive units is 400 kW/544 hp, with an overall torque of 745 Nm. All of this enables the world’s first BMW i7 xDrive60 to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds.

When accelerating, the car’s electrifying, instantaneous power delivery is characterised not just by its electric, instantaneous power delivery, but also by its superb traction and directional stability. The electric all-wheel drive and carefully tuned driving stability systems, highlighted by the near-actuator wheel slip limiting, underpin the breathtaking dynamic performance of the first-ever BMW i7 xDrive60. The fully variable drive system is intelligently linked with the powertrain and chassis control components, whose incredibly quick and precise responses aid in maintaining exhilarating forward motion even in difficult road and weather conditions. The first-ever BMW i7 xDrive60 has an electronically regulated top speed of 240 km/h.

In the WLTP test cycle, the remarkable efficiency of current BMW eDrive technology translates into the combined electric power consumption of 19.6 – 18.4 kWh per 100 kilometres. This enables the first-ever BMW i7 xDrive60 to achieve a WLTP cycle range of 590 – 625 kilometres. The car’s green credentials (VES Band A1) qualify it for Singapore’s highest refund of $25,000 Customers have lots of options when it comes to picking optional extras, thanks to the extensive standard specification and a selection of wheels and tyres whose effectiveness has been optimized over the whole range of possible sizes.

The high-voltage battery’s great energy density contributes to the car’s impressive long-distance qualities. The ultra-slim high-voltage battery, with a cell height of only 110 millimetres, is situated low on the car floor and provides 101.7 kWh of useful energy.

BMW Charging.

BMW Group Asia is collaborating with Shell in Singapore to provide BMW i7 customers with a comprehensive home or public charging solution. Customers will receive a wall-mounted AC charger with gratis installation service for home charging. Customers will receive a subscription package of 10,000 kWh at Shell Recharge stations for three years, with no monthly charging cap, equivalent to 50,000 km of driving range (assuming average energy usage of 20kWh/100km).

The wall-mounted AC charger, which combines BMW i design and reliability in the comfort of the customer’s home, provides a rapid way to charge their vehicle at a rate of up to 11kW. When the car is plugged in, charging begins and continues until the battery is fully charged or reaches the predetermined level. Furthermore, the first BMW i7 is compatible with all Type 2 public charging stations, which are extensively available around the island. BMW Charging, a BMW i mobility service, provides drivers with access to one of Singapore’s largest networks of public charging stations located in various office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, and industrial parks by using an RFID card and the Shell Recharge app, both of which are already enabled for Shell Recharge stations. Payment of the electric current used is made via the Shell Recharge app.

Customers who wish to register their interest in the first-ever BMW i7, please visit: