Revolutionising Service Experiences with LG’S CLOI GUIDEBOT

With the motto to make “LIFE GOOD”, LG Electronics has invested to develop innovations even across the hospitality industry. Launching its second-generation autonomous robot, LG CLOi (read as Chloe) GuideBot in Singapore, this is LG’s first multi-purpose customer service robot.

The award-winning LG CLOi GuideBot is designed to provide wayfinding, enhanced security and powerful advertising opportunities for its customers. It is well suited for a myriad of commercial and public spaces including hotels, retail, offices, educational institutions, and even hospitals. With the ability to gather data statistics, customers can derive valuable insights into usage patterns to provide better outcomes in their service delivery and experience.

An Autonomous Guide for Unparalleled Convenience

Standing at 150 cm tall, the LG CLOi GuideBot has a friendly digital face flashed on the 9.2-inch LG LCD “head” display. Equipped with a high-quality microphone and 3D camera for responsive voice activation, the robot has a warm welcome by interacting with guests through visual and auditory effects. Its large, dual 27-inch LG touch screens on the front and back of the robot’s main body can display interactive and static digital content, like menus, maps and videos. By using the Escort mode, the robot can display directions, and estimate distance and travel time.

Besides utilizing the camera to help navigate the space around, the LG CLOi GuideBot is engineered with 15 bottom sensors, such as ToF, Magnetic and Bumper sensors to ensure safe driving by detecting and avoiding obstacles and impact/danger zones. Travelling at a speed of 1 metre per second, the LG CLOi GuideBot is programmed for secure navigation and responds promptly to foot traffic. It is also approved to operate safely on elevators and around automatic doors.

Offering a continuous operation time of up to nine hours, the LG CLOi GuideBot can act as a docent and physically lead guests to their chosen destination and can play related audio or visuals to value-add to the user experience. Voice recognition technologies also allow the robot to respond to questions.

Autonomous Security Patrol for Increased Efficiency


Another key feature that the LG CLOi GuideBot provides is the ability to perform security tasks such as patrolling the facility based on the pre-set route and taking pictures and recording videos along the way. The content captured will be saved in the main body and can be monitored remotely, with the robot issuing an alert should any problem occur. Remote monitoring improves security staff productivity and ensures situational awareness in real-time.

A Moving Billboard with Ease of Content Management and Customisation

Providing a mobile advertising solution for businesses, the 27-inch large screen can display shopping and promotion-related information according to specific locations and periods when travelling from one store to another. This enables the creation of customisable and targeted content for a timely and effective message delivery to aid in revenue generation.

Customers can easily add and edit signage contents, and manage robot speech, configuration and operation schedules through the content management system (CMS) provided by LG. The dedicated CMS allows for convenient content management at the fingertips.

Creating a total solution for system operation, LG’s CLOi Cloud Station works as an integrated control operating system which enables real-time robot monitoring and remote control, as well as various information, content, schedule, and statistical management. Through the software upgrades, customers can receive a new user experience, along with an integrated control system and continuous maintenance service.

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