Optimise Mobile Cloud Gaming with SteelSeries’ Stratus+ Wireless Controller

As an avid gamer, I love playing games on both mobile and PC. As I have been more on-the-go recently from travelling overseas, I definitely gravitate towards mobile gaming a little more as it is more convenient. With standard touchscreen buttons, my concerns are that they are not very precise, as the screen is small and highly sensitive. Pairing it with SteelSeries’ Stratus+ Wireless Controller, I could have my full PC experience on-the-go. 

I tried out the Stratus+ with 3 different types of games, focusing on mobile gaming. They vary from car racing games to strategy games and mobile runner games. Optimised for the Android user, the controller is wireless and it connects seamlessly (and almost instantly) to my phone through Bluetooth. I mounted it on the slim and lightweight phone mount provided. The controller can also be easily paired to a PC. 

As I was bored while waiting to pick up my friends, I played Horizon Chase, a mobile racing game. The controls were smooth and there was no lag time between buttons, as accuracy was important in racing games. It felt as if I was in control. The optimum button sensitivity is provided by new Hall Effect magnetic sensors for constant, smooth, and precise handling.

At my friend’s house, we had a mini party game where the loser of the game, Sonic Dash, would have to treat us all to bubble tea! It was a fun challenge, where we took turns using the controller. Its ALPS analog joystick features clickable L3/R3 buttons; there are more input options across games. It is one of the only few controllers optimised for mobile gaming in the market now, hence my friends were intrigued and couldn’t wait to try it out. 

Finally, I went home to chill on the couch and wanted to put my mind to the test. As strategy games take a while to solve and pass through all the levels, I am glad the battery of the Stratus+ did not die quickly. With just a mere 15-minute charge, it delivers 12 hours of gameplay. It has a high-performance rechargeable battery life of up to 90 hours. The fun never stops! 

Although it is a pity that there were not as many controller-compatible mobile games out now for me to try, I still had fun afterward, pairing this to my PC to play my FPS games. With GeForce NOW, it unlocks instant access to top games on nearly any device through the cloud. Now, I have access to a whole library of the top and most premium games in the market.

Customers who purchase Stratus+ through StarHub will receive a one-month GeForce NOW subscription at no additional cost (U.P. S$19.99/ month). The Stratus+ wireless controller is also available at Endless passion, Tec Drome, Steelseries Lazada official store, Steelseries Shopee official store, Amazon Singapore, Challenger, TOG and other major channels at S$119.