Casio Collaborates With Honda Racing to Launch Edifice Championship White Model

Out with the latest EDIFICE collection, Casio announced the ECB-S100HR Honda Racing Championship White Edition, the latest collaboration with Honda Racing in the EDIFICE line of high-performance metal chronographs based on “Speed and Intelligence.”

The collaboration between Honda Racing and EDIFICE, both of which have origins in Japan, has evolved since 2018 from a shared dedication to leveraging high-tech capabilities in their global pursuits.

The ECB-S100HR pays tribute to Honda’s distinguished history and achievements in F1 by drawing its design inspiration from the Honda RA271. Back in 1964, the RA271 was the first entry by a Japanese automaker in an F1 race, with its white body and red rising sun.

This body colour, dubbed “Championship White,” became a symbol of Honda’s racing spirit. The outer ring of the dial on the ECB-S100HR is finished with authentic Championship White paint, while the inset dial and buttons are accented with red. The periphery of the glass features a printed pattern that evokes a checkered flag, a nod to Honda’s many victories. The genuine leather band features a two-tone colour scheme, with the outer side rendered in white and the underside in red.

The ECB-S100HR offers a comfortable fit on the wrist with its slim, mid-size case and useful features including the Tough Solar power system, which efficiently converts light to power the watch, as well as Bluetooth connectivity and a high-luminosity double LED light. The watch pairs with a smartphone using a dedicated app, to automatically adjust to the correct time and enable the user to select from any of over 300 cities for the world time.

The ECB-S100HR comes with a Time & Place function that records the current date/time and position on a map within the app by just pressing a button on the watch, allowing users to check where they were and when. The inset dial indicator at the 9 o’clock position counts down to the alarm or target time, starting from 30 minutes in advance.

This Honda Racing Collaboration model, ECB-S100HR is priced at S$499 and will be available at Honda Official Authorised Distributor, Kah Motor from 24 November 2021 to 1 December 2021. It will also be available at EDIFICE retailers and at all G-SHOCK stores from 3 December 2021.