NXT’s Top Picks for PRISM+’s 11.11 Sale

    This year’s Single’s Day sale is right around the corner and PRISM+ has lined up a host deals that you should not miss. There are tons of promo codes that you secure discounts of up to $200 and if that is not enough, you get additional price cuts if you pay using Grab or Atome. With more freebies up for grabs, make sure you visit them online to get the best deals.

    If you did not manage to snag a dream buy on 10.10, do not worry. You are just in time for the next round in the chain of year-end sales, because the 11.11 Sale is right around the corner! If you have a monitor or TV (or both) on your shopping list, and need it before Singles Day, check out these fantastic bargains from PRISM +.

    Q55-QE Pro (TV)

    The PRISM + Q65 QE is a worthwhile investment when you compare it to offerings from competing brands. The sheer features and functionality they offer are simply better, whether it’s in terms of the home cinema experience or travelling through worlds while gaming. For the price, it’s basically a must-have. It has the latest version of Android TV, which is fast and responsive. The picture quality is amazing, regardless of the content you are watching, and the sound is so good that an external soundbar is more of a want than a need. With all Google services built in, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the TV is extremely connected and there are so many ways to use it.

    Buy now: prismplus.sg/nxtq55pro


    X340 Pro 144Hz (Gaming Ultrawide)

    The PRISM + X340 Pro 144Hz is a monitor you should get for gaming. If you do not mind playing in 21:9 aspect ratio, you can also enjoy other AAA e-sports titles thanks to the refresh rate. Its size makes it ideal for productivity and relatively easy to set up and move around. The monitor is an affordable option for any PC rig.

    Buy now: prismplus.sg/nxtx340pro144


    C315 MAX (Productivity Curved)

    The PRISM + C315 Max is a good productivity monitor. 4K is a welcomed productivity boost and can be productive to work on such a large display. People whose work depends on colour accuracy and consistency will also benefit from this, although it’s a good monitor for general work and for people who play a few games too. It performs like a VA panel and the way in which the curvature affects your work will be useful.

    Buy now: prismplus.sg/nxtc315

    For more PRISM+ deals this 11.11, visit prismplus.sg.