Create Memories with the New Fujifilm Smartphone Printer, instax Link WIDE

FUJIFILM Corporation will launch the new “instax Link WIDE” smartphone printer (Link WIDE) on October 22. The printer can print smartphone images on a wide-format film, twice the size of the regular card-size instax print. 

Taking the world by storm, The “instax mini Link” is capable of producing high-quality, mini-format (86mm x 54mm) prints of images stored in a smartphone through its dedicated Bluetooth-connected app.

After listening to their users, Fujifilm has newly added the Link WIDE smartphone printer to the lineup, allowing the images to be printed onto the wide-format (86mm x 108mm) prints. A new dedicated app for the Link WIDE will be launched along with the printer with a greater range of functions, maximising the fun of producing larger prints.

The all-new “Link WIDE” allows users to take advantage of the series’ largest print size for printing smartphone images, be it a group shot or a landscape photograph. The printer, while supporting the wide format, is compact and lightweight for easy use either at home or when out and about. It comes in the stylish “Ash White” and “Mocha Gray.” 

The app specifically designed for the Link WIDE offers a variety of functions that take advantage of the larger print size. 

  • The “instax-Natural” mode adds instax’s signature soft touch to prints, while the new “instax-Rich” mode produces rich colours. Users can choose the tone according to the types of subject matter. 
  • The “QR Print” mode generates a QR code for a voice message, text message, location data, favorite website URL, and other information, and incorporates it into a print. Having a QR code adds another dimension to be a communication tool that records related data and conveys sentiments. 
  • The “Editable Template” function offers a total of 29 design templates, perfect for events such as birthdays and weddings. The colours and fonts in the templates can be freely edited to create a greeting card with ease. 

In addition, Fujifilm introduced a new instax wide-format film “BLACK”, which accentuates each photograph for a cool look with a black frame. 

The Wide Album and the Acrylic Photo Frame are also launched at the same time, accommodating wide-format instax prints to suggest new ways of enjoying the photographs. Fujifilm will continue to broaden the world of the “instax” instant photo system for on-the-spot photo printing. 

Instax Link WIDE Smartphone Printer Combo Kit will go for S$249 and comes with 2 packs of assorted wide-format film. Each Instax WIDE Black Film pack costs S$21.90. Products are available at all instax authorized dealers’ stores and website on 22 October  2021.