New Tantalum Hull Marks the End of URWERK 105 Collection

The new Tantalum Hull is the last edition of the UR-105 CT and ends the 105 collection in style. Tantalum is a very special metal. Its name comes from Tantalus, one of Greek mythology’s bad boys.

Tantalum is precious, rare, and extremely painful to machine and finish. It destroys the machines, reducing their life by a factor of three.

Tantalum is a precious metal weighing approximately the same as platinum. It has a solid presence on the wrist. To machine it is a nightmare, but it has incomparable beauty. Tantalum is one of the most URWERK-ian metals. It is dark, almost anthracite coloured, a shade which is an integral part of URWERK’s aesthetic signature.

The UR-105 TTH – “TTH” stands for Tantalum Hull – is a beautiful object, substantial and pleasing to hold. Its distinctive octagonal form features deep streaks along its entire length. It is angular, geometric, and symmetrical with strong influence from the Art Deco style.

URWERK UR-105 Tantalum is a limited edition of 12 pieces and retails for S$118,600. For more information, visit