Xiaomi Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Pamper the important women in our lives with Xiaomi’s thoughtful offerings, from smartphones to home tech.

Mi 11 Lite

The Mi 11 Lite, comes in three delectable shades: Peach Pink, Boba Black and Bubblegum Blue which is perfect for the moms who just want a phone that works and is fashionable with unique colours. Weighing at just 157g, the ultra-lightweight phone fits perfect in any purses or pockets and runs on a massive 4,250 mAh battery so she’ll never run out of power.

Retailing for S$429.

Mi Smart Band 6 

Moms can be one step ahead with the latest Mi Smart Band 6. Featuring a bevvy of features: a full screen 1.56” AMOLED display, 30 fitness modes, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, sleep quality and breathing quality tracking, and even stress and female health-tracking, the trusty Mi Smart Band 6 comes in 6 colourful soft straps.

Retailing for S$65.

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300

Small and compact, the Mi Ionic Hair Dryer is powerful despite its 9.5cm body. Hair drying now takes lesser time with the dryer’s 20m/s airspeed and 7-wing airfoil blades that reduce energy loss with each turn, all while ensuring minimal heat damage and frizz with its in-built Anion technology which protects hair cuticles and neutralises static.

Retailing for S$39.90.

Mi Air Purifier Pro H

Keep moms healthy and safe with Mi Air Purifier Pro H, which comes with True HEPA filters to eliminate 99.99% of particles in the air that are as small as 0.1 microns. The Mi Air Purifier Pro H features a delivery rate of 600m³/h, powerful enough to circulate 200m³ of purified breathing air in a 3 metre-high space in an hour. The smart air purifier is also the Mi Home app, Google Assistant and Alexa-compatible so you can get clean air at home instantly.

Retailing for S$449.

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro 

Minimise housework by gifting Xiaomi’s intelligent, housekeeper that keeps your house dust-free when you’re lounging around the house. Compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa, the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro comes in three time-saving features that can sweep, mop or even do both, perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Select specific rooms to clean or even schedule cleaning timings so moms will never have to lift a finger sweeping and mopping. Time saved can be spent spending time with your loved ones.

Retailing for S$549.

Mi Home Security Camera 360° 2K 

Safeguard what matters with Mi Home Security Camera 360 2K. Rich clear view provides 2K hi-resolution images at a 108° vertical view and 360° panoramic view that reduces dead zones so that no detail gets missed out. Enhanced night vision offers superb colour and clarity even in low-light conditions so that you know exactly what happens at home.

Retailing for S$62.90.

All featured products are available on Xiaomi Global Official Store on Lazada and Shopee as well as authorised Mi stores.