Sharp Launches Cube Air Purifier

Sharp has launched its latest Cube Air Purifier to keep spaces at home safe and free from viruses and bacteria. At just 90x90x95mm, this cube air purifier is made perfect to fit into study tables, small closets, shoe cabinets and other personal spaces.

The Sharp Cube Purifier is capable of removing airborne mold, reducing the growth of adhering mold, suppress the activity of the airborne virus, airborne bacteria, allergens from dust mite and breaking down and eliminating clinging odours.

It is small yet powerful, the Sharp Cube Purifier is able to emit approximately double the amount of ions of up to 50,000 ions when operating under full power. Made to be easily used, it can be wall-mounted or kept standing on surfaces. It can also be operated with mobile batteries, enabling it to be kept in spaces such as cabinets, closets and more, to remove odour from these spaces as well as to keep them safe from viruses and bacteria.

The Sharp Cube Purifier (IG-EX20B-B) comes in black and is available for purchase at Sharp’s official online stores and authorised dealer stores at S$299.