Excellent Performance Upgrade With the Kioxia EXCERIA PLUS G2

    Ever since Toshiba Memory Holdings Corporation changed its name to Kioxia Holdings Corporation back in October 2019, they have continued making reliable solid-state drives (SSD) using in-house NAND chips and controllers from Japan.

    KIOXIA has the reputation for building high-quality SSDs and the company has a full-range of them – for normal usage as well as for those looking for exemplary performance. With that said, the new EXCERIA PLUS G2 NVMe SSD has arrived to change the game once again.

    Based on PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe 1.3c technology, the EXCERIA PLUS G2 makes use of 3D NAND, which is written as TLC (triple level cell) is armed with a faster controller and has an even bigger DRAM cache buffer.

    This is a serious SSD for people that are serious about PC performance. The SSD is a Non-Volatile Memory Express M.2 form factor SSD. With the more niche NVMe SSDs, you can easily quadruple performance, which offers serious numbers.

    The unit follows a smaller M.2 2280 form factor (8cm), so it will fit on most ATX motherboards capable of M.2. These M.2 units use the NVMe 1.3c protocol, and that means storage technology at hyper-fast speeds while remaining competitive in pricing.

    Just to understand how quick this SSD (1TB model) really is, when copying a 100GB file – the most basic and simple test anyone can perform – the EXCERIA PLUS G2 managed to maintain an average speed of about 2.5 GB per second.

    Overall, the EXCERIA PLUS G2 is spicy and fast with high peak read and write performance. It is good to see what the controller can do with that NAND, as it has no problem hitting the 3GB/sec marker.

    This SSD is able to find its place in the market, being decently priced and packed with performance. There is no doubt that the EXCERIA PLUS G2 is a must-have for anyone looking for solid gaming performance, or to simply upgrade their PC with a new SSD.

    Plus, the KIOXIA SSD Utility is also very useful, allowing a one-stop access to manage the SSD. It has all the tools you need to maintain the drive as it displays lifespan, capacity usage, temperature as well as supporting firmware updates. There’s even a built-in benchmarking tool to run to see how the drive is performing.

    Available online (Lazada, Shopee official stores) and selected Challenger stores. For more information, visit personal.kioxia.com.