Sharp Launches First Sound Bar Supporting 22.2ch Audio Format

Supporting the sound format used in 8K broadcasting, the Sharp Audio 8A-C22CX1 Sound Bar Home Theatre System has finally arrived in Singapore. As the first of its kind, this Dolby Atmos compatible sound bar is equipped with OPSODIS technology which ensures the delivery of high definition sound in all directions providing a more immersive home entertainment experience.

With the OPSODIS technology, the sound bar can deliver 360-degree stereoscopic sound including front, rear, left, right, top and bottom with just one speaker installed at the front. Not only can it support 8K broadcasting 22.2chaudio signals, but also terrestrial digital broadcasting and 4K broadcasting 2Ch/5.1Ch audio signals, creating 3-dimensional sound with original audio processing.

This speaker is also configured with a three-way speaker of the midrange, tweeter and woofer.  Its six digital amplifiers drive the speakers independently to reproduce a detailed sound field. With its compatibility with “Dolby Atmos”, the 8A-C22CX1 Sound Bar delivers 3D stereophonic sound,and playback high-resolution sound sources from a USB memory device. It also supports 4K pass-through that outputs the 4K signal input from HDMI to the TV as it is, as well as “Dolby Vision” pass-through.

Even with its robust technical build, there are also seven pre-set sounds that users can select based on their content allowing optimised sound effects based on the scene. For example, users could easily use the “Clear Voice” feature through the remote control for audio enhancements. The 8K broadcasting stereophonic experience isi n full glory when the sound bar is used with the Sharp AQUOS 8KAX1 flagship models.

The 8A-C22CX1 sound bar weighs 4.5 kg, and is sleek with the following dimensions 60mm (H) × 1,200mm (W) × 140mm (D). The subwoofer is 337mm (H) x 261mm (W) x 261mm (D)and weighs approximately 7.2 kg. It can be purchased from any Sharp authorised dealer at S$1,999.

For more information, visit the official Sharp website.